Thursday, April 9, 2015

Kate and Easter 4/6/2015

Dear Family and Friends, or whoever reads this, 

First, I didn't have time to read all the sorry to all. 

Mom, yes I listened to conference. I listened to the women's session and the first session in Spanish and the rest in English. It's so much better hearing the real speakers voice. Be grateful most speak our native tongue; it's a HUGE blessing we take for granted. 

This week has been amazing. Why? CHRIST LIVES. I love the scripture in John16:33 that says, "BE OF GOOD CHEER I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD". Conference was amazing and I learned SOOOOOOOOOOO much. But one thing I really learned this week is God wants us to be happy in this life...even in the hard times. (I loved Aunt Katherine's letter, she talked about this.) And it is possible, why? Because He lives, and really we have no reason to fear. Dance hard to the music even when no one else can hear it, because it is so sweet. Honestly, it is great news. Everyday is a good day...because of that Easter day so many years ago. We just need to believe it. 

Family, I also loved that talk that talked about knowing what time it is at home. I want you to know with a powerful YES, I know what time it is at home. His everything I have felt in the mission. I often think of you...and I know what you are doing. For example, I pictured you all hiking the 'Y' and eating bread this week. I pictured you all gathered around the TV in Heber listening to conference with your notes, bingo charts and candy. I often, in the early mornings, picture my family awake reading scriptures as a family and Mondays I picture you having family home evening. Durning his talk I began to cry. I pictured you all kneeling in prayer for me and this work. I am so happy to "know what time it is at home". I love you so much. Mom, Dad, Casidy, Garrett, Mark, Jess, Tom, Jess, Jo, Julia, Aaron, Claire, Poe, I love you guys. I love you so much. I think about you often...we have got it so good. Thank you for your examples, and know that I truly know "what time it is at home". Also it seemed every talk, talked about FAMILY. It's under attack. Thank you all for doing the little things. We are protected greatly by these little things. :) 

I love you all. Thank you for being you. 
I often kneel in prayer and say, "Father you keep spoiling me". He truly likes to do that to His Kate. 
Love, Hermana Kelemen

P.S. This week we taught this lady and it was such a good lesson...or so I thought and then at the end I began bearing my testimony and I looked up to the lady, and her eyes were closed, and she was asleep. She fell asleep during my testimony...another Kate moment of the week. 

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