Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Repercussions of Being Robbed 5/25/2015

Dear Family and Friends, 

I've learned this week people are a lot more willing to give out their number when you tell them you have been robbed. This is how it would go after a contact:

US: "Hey, maybe could we write down your number and come share this message with you and your family sometime?"
THEM: "No, no, I will just call you, okay?"
US: "Well, actually we don't have a phone at the moment we got robbed the other day. . ."
THEM: "REALLY? here take my number, I am so sorry that happend. There are very bad people in this world, I am so sorry."

When we tell them that, all of a sudden they "have time" to talk. 

Also whoever bought our phone I feel a bit sorry for them. When the members here in B8 found out someone stole our phone...all of them called this man and yelled at him. He just bought it; he is not even the guy that stole it. But man, little did he know whose phone he bought. When you mess with the B8 missionaries, you mess with the B8 members. (And think about the people I have told you about...scary.)

Transfers were today. I am still here in good old B8 with Hermana Irigoyen. I am SO glad. I wanted to stay. I love B8.  27 missionaries are going home this transfer and they closed a lot of companionships. They closed two in our district. :( So now it is 4 Hermanas and 2 Elders. I know that means nothing to any of you, but man I am BUMMED. It's going to be lonely at district meetings. Two of my all time favorite missionaries, who have been with me my whole time out left... 

But new adventures right? It's just weird to think I am the old one in the district and ward now, because I still feel like I just got here. 

Funny thing, so 5 missionaries left in our district, and all the members came up to me in a sad voice and asked, "Where are you going?" and when I told them I was staying, they would jump back in shock and question, "How long have you been here?" I don't know what that's supposed to mean...

Ipads, we are getting them on the June 10... well actually I don't know if I will. But the rest of the mission will. You have to have your residency card in order to pick it up on the 10th and my residency was stolen...so we will see. 

Highlight of the week, Daniel had the opportunity to baptize a girl the Elders have been teaching with his help. I am so glad this girl asked Daniel to baptize her, because man it meant the world to him. He was so happy. The whole time at the baptism, I had flash backs to his baptism. He has changed so much. It felt like yesterday when it was him getting baptized and it kept blowing my mind that he was actually baptizing someone. It really was a cool moment.

There are a lot of cool little moments like that in life when you take a second and slow down to see them. 

Things have been really good. We are teaching a little girl named Winny and she is AMAZING. I love teaching children and youth, they seem to just get it. Winny has such an amazing testimony and everything just clicks for her. We don´t even have to explain things to her, because she explains it to us. She is only 12 and we have almost taught her all the lessons, but we haven't had the chance to meet her mom yet, so we don´t know how soon she will be able to be baptized. I think she is really scared to bring her mom to church... because her mom might say no to letting her get baptized. But the thing is we keep telling Winny she is the one that needs to share her testimony with her mom, not us. Because her mom is more likely to listen to her. But we will see. :) 

Also I now have this styling new bag. It's a piso find...and man is it something else. I would take a picture and send it to you...but you know why I can't :) 

Sorry this whole week jokes have been made about how I got robbed. My companion doesn't like it. She keeps telling me, "It's not funny that you got robbed." But the thing is..it kinda is funny. 

I love you all so much! I am so grateful for you love and support!
Love, Hermana Kelemen

Monday, May 18, 2015

Robbed 5/18/2015

Dear Family and Friends, 

I really don't know what to start with a lot has happened. 

Wednesday I was having a bit of a hard day. The whole day everyone was failing us. Every Wednesday night we teach english class. The whole way there I was in a bad mood. I didn't feel like teaching English, I just wanted to be mad. Oh how my attitude changed quickly. The Elders found a little friend on the street who wanted to come help teach English class. I am now going to describe what happened during this English class...but it will be difficult because it's something you just had to experience. 

This friends name is Malu, and as we walked into class he was up teaching. His English is really good...then he broke out into song. We have a couple strange people who come to English class who then tried to copy his English and sing along with him. So things were getting weird. Then to make it a really party, Joseph, a member from Nigeria, came. (I don't know if I have told you about him), he is a hoot. 

He then came and saw this random guy singing and teaching English class, so he asked if he could sing a song he wrote. He then sang "this little light of mine" but had the lyrics changed to "this little mustard seed..." The song talks about how it is going to grow into faith. I love the songs Joseph "writes". He just takes songs and changes the lyrics to scripture. Anyways he then started singing this song and then Malu started clapping his hands and then everyone was clapping their hands and singing along to "this little mustard seed"! Then this 65 year old Spaniard that comes (who is a bit crazy) jumped up and started dancing. And then Malu started dancing. Then there was us, and the rest of the students laughing, trying to figure out what was going on. Oh my goodness it was so weird, yet so funny. The people you find...

After everyone kept telling us that was the best English class they had ever had. Joseph then beaming said, "I had so much fun, a little too much fun, ha I love preforming the songs I write". So english class turned into a concert. And even if I wanted to stay mad, it's hard... when three random guys in English class are dancing and singing about having a little mustard seed of faith. 

We taught Kassi again this week. He is hard because, well there are many of things that make it hard. But he reads and now is praying everyday, but he won't come to church. He keeps telling us he needs more time to prepare. Plus, he doesn't think he can give up drinking quite yet. Well we brought Daniel to this lesson. :) And after we taught the lesson, invited him again to church. He said, "My hope is to join your people someday, I want it, but I need time to prepare". Daniel didn't like that. He said "May I end with a thought. Blacky, these two missionaries are not just ladies, they are representatives of God. God is asking you to come to church. He is trying to save your soul. He is knocking at your door, he is knocking at your heart, trying to help you. But you have to let him in. You have two choices you can listen to his voice...or the voice of the devil. Make your choice today Blacky, let us know. Thats all". Kassi (Blacky) then told us he would tell us this week sometime, when he would be planning on "joining our people". Yes, Daniel was very bold. But Kassi didn't mind afterward he asked Daniel if he could walk him home. They are little buds. 

I really like Daniel´s example. That's something I have been trying to work on. I want to be bold. After Christ died, Peter, the apostle, became a very bold teacher. Look up the definition of bold. I love what it says. I had the definition and would tell you...but someone stole my notebook...

Other thing. I got robbed. Today when I got on to write, I put my bag under my chair like I always do and then I reached to get something and it was gone. Really I set my bag down, logged on and in this time I got robbed. It happend so quickly. I don't really understand how it happened. Don't worry I only had my notebook, my home credit card, mission credit card, driver license, my new Spain ID, my bus pass, my pin drive, my camera and the phone. (Sorry Jess, I loved that bag you bought me, I really did, my goal for the mission was to have it last my whole mission...but change of plans.)  The thing that really bugged me was I had my minnie vaseline and all my chap sticks in the bag. You can't find that stuff here in Spain, Vaseline is golden. I just hope whoever took my bag uses that. But really, I'm pretty sure they were after my pens. Because either I lose my pens like there's no tomorrow or there is a pen thief lurking around Spain. At first, I thought I might just be me leaving my pens places, but after this...I know the pen thieves are out there. 

So we won't have a phone for a week…that's going to be weird. Oh, and just so you know, no we don't have the Ipads yet. Good thing too...if you know what I mean. :) 

But that's not the subject matter of today...(as Daniel would say.) 

Being bold. I love it. I love the example of Peter being bold. Many times people look down on Peter because he lost faith in moments, but in the end, he became one of the best disciples of Christ. And you know what? We really aren't too different from Peter, we all lose faith in moments. And just because we have failed sometimes doesn't mean we are bad. Because like Peter, it's not about what we are now, but about what we can become that matters. 

I love you! Keep me posted on your FHE's :) 
Love, Hermana Kelemen 

Kate & the Ipad 5/11/2015

Dear Family, 

Next time we skype I will be sure to communicate myself better. :) So sorry. But it was a SHOCK to see so many faces! Tom, Jess, Cas, Bert, Jo and MOM!!! Who knew I was going to skype my mom on my Mother's day call. But really I didn't know. 

I am sorry if in the skype I didn't say anything. There was so many of you and I had so much to tell you all...that I really just didn't tell you anything. So sorry about that. But really it was so good to see you all, and I'm sorry if one of you thought I didn't talk to you all that much.

I am just glad over skype Olivia held weird things over the camera, informed me she was sweating in her arm pits, and admitted she hates when we skype the family. (Some things never change.)

This week was another really good one. As I told my family over skype my mission is getting Ipads. Yeah when I tell you this you will not even blink an eye and just keep reading. BUT this is HUGE. The mission is about to change. We had a big meeting Thursday with all the missionaries in the Madrid mission. They have never before brought them all together...so it was a big deal. Turns out the meeting really wasn't about Ipads...? We talked about being obedient, which was good. To be honest, I didn't want Ipads at first. Facebook, blogs...I don't want to have to deal with all this. They asked us all to raise our hands if we were not excited about getting the Ipads, and to be honest. So like a good missionary, I was honest, I put my hand up with two others out of the 200. He, the speaker, then said that we don't want them because before the mission we were addicted to our Ipads and phones at home and we don't want that temptation back. He got me. Me and my flip phone...I was always stuck on that guy playing the demo for tetres. 

But for the last 5 min (when they talked about Ipads) they talked about how big of a blessing it will be. We are a test mission. There are others that have been picked to test out the Ipads. We then watched the cheesiest video my eyeballs have ever seen. This part shockingly was about the Ipads. 

Starts out with two elders. One is walking ahead in the street and the other is behind and sees a couple together. Then they get to a restaurant and while the one companion is making a call, the other gets out his Ipad to look on Facebook (insert music...dun dun dun, like really there was intense music.) He then catches himself and tells his companion what he almost did and how much he misses his girlfriend and how he was about to look her up. 

Okay I am just going to stop there. There was more...but it's impossible to describe the cheesiness of it all.  

There was one point I bust out laughing. All the missionaries did. But I guess I laughed a little too long and loud. Because when everyone had stopped, you only could hear me. After my district said "You thought that video was funny didn't you. We could hear one loud, distinct laugh and we thought...that's Hermana Kelemen". 

Long story short, after we all got IPad.....................cases. Yes not the Ipad, but wow we all got rad blue cases. :/ 

I think I am feeling a little better about the Ipads. Still not sure how to use them or if we will have to keep a blog or Facebook or what, because the huge meeting for the Ipads wasn't about the Ipads. Even our President in our weekly letter today said, "as you noticed the meeting for the Ipads, was not about Ipads...." So when I know more about that I will let you know. Truth is not even our president really knows whats going on. He said "lets be obedient and figure this out together".

Everyone too thinks I look like Bella from Twilight----members and missionaries. I am not a fan of her. So I don't know what I think about that.  

This week I read a talk I really liked. Called "Hold on a Little Longer," by Dieter F. Uchtdorf. (Jan 2010) It was really cool. It was about the Kirkland temple and how many people saw many miracles there, but after many fell away, because of the hardships then then followed. You should all read it it is really short. I liked it because it talked about in life sometimes things get tough. But really we just need to hold on a little longer. It talked about how we are all given the strength to hold on a little longer to all trials we are given, but yet some still let go. I don't know when I talk about it it sounds lame. But really read it, because like I said it's short, but really powerful. And if their is something you feel like "man, I've tired and tired and I'm done" about anything, maybe just hold on a little longer. :) 
So find it and read it. :)

I love you all. Sorry my letters are always random and weird.
Love, Hermana Kelemen 

Monday, May 4, 2015

Laughing & Noche de Hogar Challenge 4/27/2015

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week.... My companion got sick on her birthday. YIKES. I felt so so so bad. And I learned I hate staying in the piso all day. Later on in the week I then got sick. Did we stay in the piso? No. No way was I going to do that again. As we were working though out the day, my body had that achy feel. I had the thought, "I am sick what am I doing?" Then I thought, "I truly am my mothers daughter." I thought about when mom would limp a mile all her way to Adventure Time with her bruised foot. The day turned out to be really good even if I didn't feel too hot. 

First story for the week. We contacted this lady on a bench. We went up and sat down next to her and begain talking. She was really nice and friendly. As we got talking we soon began talking about the Book of Mormon and as we did she said, "Yes, yes, I know." Then we asked if she had heard about the book and she said, "Yes, yes I know." My compaion then asked if she had read it, and she said yes. When we asked what part she said "I read the book." Then my compaion questioned, "The whole book?" And she said yes. At this point my compaion was frustrated. A lot of people like to tell us they have read before and they already know everything. But me being me, I began to laugh. But this time, like all the times before, I didn't laugh alone, they lady began laughing with me. Not just a chuckle, like hard core. I realized she was kinda crazy and with her laughing I couldn't stop. And she couldn't either. So we both laughing so hard we were both crying, and then there was my compaion trying to figure out what to do. We sat and laughed for 10 min... everyone that passed by was trying to figure out what we were laughing about and would stare at us and our chapas. 

Sometimes when you're serious all day you laugh randomly. Okay so maybe it's just me. But long story short, she was a bit…well, had lost some marbles. But hopefully people will want to talk to us now, that lady made us look like we were the funniest people in Spain. 

Second story: Everybody loves Daniel. That little guy that just got baptized in February. Man everyday with him in it is a great one. This week we found another guy from Ghana. We set up a following appointment and thought it would be fun to bring Daniel, to help us. Oh boy, that made Daniel's day. We were going to meet him in the park on a bench. As the three of us were approching I pointed to the guy on the the bench and said, "Oh good he is right there Daniel." At first Daniel couldn't see, but as we got closer Daniel said really calm "Oh yes I know him" Me and Hermana Irigoyen looked at him in shock. We went over and I they begain talking in their other language. I then asked how they knew each other and they both looked at me as if I was an uneducated human and said, "We're from the same country." My bad---I mean, I know all the people in America. Anyway this goes to show somehow all the Africans in Spain know each other. I'm not kidding. When we brought Daniel to church for the first time he already knew all the Africans in the ward. I don't really get it. I feel like they just say they know each other because they are from the same country. 

Anyways this guys name is Kassi. At first it was really frustrating because Kassi was NOT listening and all he wanted to do was talk about was the distance between France and the USA?? I kept trying to talk, but it was impossible. Then little Daniel saved the day!! He said "Kassi, listen, this is how it works. These girls have a message from God. You listen first and then you ask your questions. What you are talking about right now is not the subject of the day. These girls found you just like they found me. You need to listen. I promise this is the truth. I was just baptized a couple months ago. I have found the truth and we are trying to help you. But you need to listen." 

My jaw fell off and I wanted to jump up and down! Little Daniel, oh my gosh what a boss!!! After that the lesson was so good, and Daniel bore such a good testimony. After we finished Kassi looked at us and he said, "I get it now. I get it. I first want to come to your church and if it feels right I will choose your church." So grateful for Daniel. It would have been impossible without him. He really is my hero. I wish everyone could meet him. He is so cute. After I told the other hermanas we live with about how Daniel saved the day. They couldn't believe that little sweet Daniel was so bold. It shocked us all. 

Oh yeah after Daniel looked at us and said, "You know, Kassi has a nickname, we don't call him Kassi." Me and Hermana Irigoyen looked at each other and asked, what is it? Daniel smiled real big and said, "Blacky, this guy goes by Blacky, so that's what you guys can call him." Really clever... wonder how he got it.

Nickname or no nickname I am going to stick with Kassi. I don't want someone who understands English to miss understand me when I say "Hey Blacky we're over here!" 

This month of May I have a challenge for the family. Every FHE night this month invite someone. It can be a family in the ward, a friend from school, a older couple...anyone. But make sure every time this month you have someone there. I am so grateful for the families in this ward that have FHE and allow us to bring our less actives and investigators. It's good for them to hear the good word, play a game and eat a treat. It really helps us out as missionaries so much. We are constantly telling families to invite their friends to their Noche de Hogars. So I thought I might as well tell my family.

Now I know there aren't a ton of investigators you know of. But I know there are a lot of families that are less active, and I know there are even more members that are active and don't have FHE, and even if they do have FHE, you can invite them to get to know them better. FHE's have blessed us as missionaries and have strengthened the ward. So that's my challenge---a new person each week. And I would love to also hear how it goes. 
I love you all!
Love Hermana Kelemen

Argentinian Companion 4/20/2015

Dear Family and Friends, 
 This week was another good one. It has only been one week with my new companion, but she already has figured out my secret...I'm a goob. Let me tell you about my companion. She is from Argentina and is quieter. She is quite but not afraid to talk to anyone! Which is great, because this giant isn't either!! Last night when we were laying in bed she told me I was the first companion she has not made cry...what the? She is just a little Argentinian, why would anyone cry? She then said "Hermana Kelemen you are one of the easiest people to get along with".  Why? I thought about it for a second and then my answer came quickly...I'm a werido. 

The thing is, I forget sound affects are universal. She has reminded me of this many times throughout the week. I think I have scared this little Argentinean girl a bit, so pray for her. :) She is SO cute. I love her so much. But really, over all we are getting along just great! She knows Spanish, and she says everything how it is. Everyone tells her she is like the Christ when he casts everyone out of the temple. (Reminds me of our mom). She gets to business. But it's good, because I balance her out with me just being myself...and we help each other. She is serious, and I as you know am not. But really, we work SO well together. This is going to be such a good transfer. 

We have found an amazing investigator who came to church last week. Her name is Mari, and she has been so prepared. When she introduced herself in church this is what she said, " Hi, I'm Mari, this is my first time here, but I'll be coming from now on".  Then then sat down. I wanted to jump up and high5 her and say "YEAH, that's right!" but I contained myself. Her daughter came as well, and turns out they walked 2 miles to get there because they are struggling with money. She is amazing! Hermana Toone and I found her right at the end of our last transfer together. It's kind of a funny story. Anytime anyone asks her, "how did you find the missionaries", or "come in contact?" She looks at me and says, "She told me she liked my pants". Wow, go me, Kate Kelemen move right there. Everyone thinks that's a great reply. And when people say that I just say "Well it's true, she had really cool pants on". This really goes to show that this is God's work. I really don't know anything. I still struggle with the language, but when I try and just say the random things I know...God does the rest. He is so mindful of me. It really just doesn't make sense. 

This is an example of how missionary work really works: Let's say the goal for all missionaries is to throw a rock across the sea. So, we all line up and try our best and give it our best throw----then all our rocks plop on the sand without even reaching the water. But the thing is, God doesn't care how far we can throw (or how much we can do) all he wants us to do is try, and then he picks up our rocks and he carries them himself across the sea. Everyday I fall short; everyday without fail. But God doesn't care. I love the quote from general conference, "A saint is a sinner that keeps on trying". All He wants of us is to try.

It makes me think of that quote, "Do you duty, do your best; leave unto the Lord the rest." 
I know this is true. I have seen it with out investigator Mari and with EVERYTHING. 

I really can't figure out why anyone likes me here...maybe it's through sound affects. So, goal for the week if you are struggling getting along with someone, you need more sound affects. JK LOL. But really the Lord has softened the hearts of the people of Spain. Some how they accept this giant, and love me like I am one of them. It's really like I have more family here. They are amazing. 

I love you all so much. Thank you for your prayers.
Love, Hermana Kelemen