Monday, March 23, 2015

Enjoy the Moments 3/16/2015

Dear Family, 

I have been talking to a lot of missionaries this week who have told me about times in their missions they felt really homesick. When you told me you bought beef brisket home for dinner I remembered why I don't suffer with that problem. LOL. jokes. But really it's because I know my family wants me to be here :) 

Not going to lie, that big long letter about the van not working got me really worried. Don't scare me like that. Woody is going to live, he is NOT giving out when I am gone... that honestly would be the worst thing ever. Which...speaking of the KeleVan can you send me a picture? I try to talk about that guy to people, but it doesn't do it justice. Also, thank you for all the pictures you sent me. Pictures are the BEST. When you hand write me will you send me some pictures? Like of me and Walter, the van, when I dressed up as Shaggy, other fun pictures of the family. Because I don't have any. You don't need to do it soon, but it would be fun to show the families we teach. 

I am glad you sat by new people at church. That made my day. Even if you are a bit creepy with your sliver hair. 

I think everyone thinks I'm crazy here. Little story about yesterday on our way to chuch. We went to the bus stop for chuch and it was a 15 min wait, but we needed to be there sooner and there is another stop around the corrner. So as we were walking to check out the next stop, we saw that it was coming. Remember last week how I told you this stop is at the top of a very long steep hill, well it was a bit of a flash back of last week. I saw it and I knew we had to make it or else we would be late for church. So I took off. I was wearing black flats and it was hard to run. Hermanas Toone, Seegmiller and Judd (the other Hermanas we live with) were WAY behind and I knew if I didn't make it we would all miss it. So I took off my shoes and booked it. Like honestly the fastest I have ever run in my life. As I reached the top of the hill I saw Daniel (the guy who was just baptized) and another member Diego. (I will have to tell you about Diego sometime, he is a 16 year old kid that just baptized his mom this week, he is so cool) Anyway, as I got to the top they just laughed at me. 

Here is the worst part about it all. Half our ward was on the bus and our whole district. So I have been getting a lot of jokes about being an Olympic runner. Everyone at chuch came up to me at was like "we saw you running, good job!" Awkward. Anytime we are in a hurry with the district now they all joke "Maybe we will go faster if Hermana Kelemen takes off her shoes." Anyways thats just another story.  I may not be able to speak too well but I sure keep everyone laughing. I am a goob here. 

We had a baptism this week. For the lady named Maritha. She is golden. She has been coming to church for a long time, has scriptures, a hymn book, seen all the church videos. When we taught her the lessons honestly it went so fast because she would just sit there and say things like "Yes, I know." or "Yes I have already prayed about that." She really converted herself and then we just helped her set up a day to be baptized. Anyways the service started at 4:30, we told her to be there at 4, but when four rolled around she was no where. Then 4:30 passed and she was no where. We called her and she said she was still at home... she lives 30 minutes away. My companion was freaking out. We got in a members car and had to go pick her up. 
The hermanas kept laughing at how tall I am compared to this lady... BFG for life
She got carried away making hotdogs and sandwiches for her own baptism...There is Spain for you. It turned out to be really good though and Maritha was so happy she kept saying she felt so good inside. (But we are thinking we need to teach her a lesson about priorities:)
Something I have learned this week. Enjoy the moments. Grandpa sent me that poem, "I shall not pass this way again..." Sometimes its hard to enjoy every moment. Like when you are living in a different country and you are a big white giant (the hermanas love it when I call myself that) and you don't understand everything. But I only get this moment for a bit. Before I know it I will be able to speak and I want to enjoy my time of when I can't speak. My other companion in my trio, Hermana Carroll told me after her first 6 months when she was leaving her first area she cried a ton. Everyone thought she was crying because she was sad to go, but it was because she felt like she waisted that time, because she was never happy there. She said she felt like she waisted that time, she could have been happy, but she wasn't. 

So don't wait. We as people always are looking forward for things. STOP. Just try to enjoy the moments we are in. We always tend to be waiting for the future. When you wake up you get ready and you look forward to going to school. Then when you are in your first period class you just wait for the next one and so on. Then you just look at the time and look forward to going home. Then when you are home you look forward for dinner and then at dinner you look forward to being in bed. Then when you are in bed you look forward to the next day, and so on. We as people look forward constantly. Which can be good, but we need to also remember the moment that matters most at that time, which is always the one we are living in...because like that poem says..."we will not pass this ways again."

So my challenge for you this week is to try to enjoy the moments, even the not good moments :) Because before you know it they will be gone. Don't waste time being frustrated but use your energy to enjoy it. It's crazy, because when you try to enjoy the little moments in life, you enjoy life. I know it seems like black magic, an unreal concept, but its true. 

I love you so much!! Really I have the best family, it's true. 
Love, Hermana Kelemen

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