Wednesday, March 11, 2015

"Inconceivable" 3/9/2015

Dear Family and Amigos, 

Besos. Here and Spain you kiss everyone. Well because we are missionaries we only kiss girls. At first I thought it was strange... okay it still is. But we were telling this lady in our ward you don't do that in America. She then asked what we do... I didn't know. Do we just shake hands? That seems weird… 

Also during english class we were teaching everyone how to say where they were from in English. We were naming places and writing them down. Someone said Washington D.C. so we wrote it down. Then one of the members asked what the D.C. stood for. All four of us couldn't remember. We are bad Americans. What does it stand for? District of Columbia? and if so why? 

If you don't remember or don't read my letters, I am no longer in a trio. The adventures of Hermana Keloone has begun. That is what the other sisters call us in our district. They mushed all our names together. So we are no longer Hermana Kelemen and Toone, but Keloone. 

Its been a wild week. But so much fun. Hermana Toone and I like to work hard. I learned so much in a trio, things I couldn't have learned not being in one. But now I'm am no longer in a trio its a whole different ball game, and I am learning things I couldn't not being in a trio. I feel like I have had the opportunity to talk more. Hermana Toone lets me speak a lot, which is so nice. 

Have you seen the movie Princess Bride? You know that little man that says "inconceivable" (k don't know how to spell it) Well we met him... or his twin. We were actually looking for this address that didn't exist. It was like the Wayside story the 13 floor that wasn't really there... it was really weird, but anyway we got talking to him and taught him the whole first lesson and he wants to meet again!! This was shocking because he is Spaniard. Let me tell you a little something about my mission, there are all kinds of people here, from Peru, Portugal, Ecuador, France, England, Bolivia. One of the first things we ask people is where they are from because really they could be from anywhere. Why they all come here, is something that still is puzzling. Pero, the hardest people to teach are Spaniards, because they are stubborn people. But it was so cool! We have decided now when we contact we are just going to pretend we are looking for an address. It's so funny because Spaniards will drop ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to help you find an address, but anything else they just ignore you. Really the other day we were looking for an address and the guy walked us two blocks to the piso we were trying to find. Anyways so that was exciting.

Heavenly Father is still blessing me and Hermana Toone like crazy. We have another baptism date... actually two more. But really it's not because I am a good missionary. For example, we had been teaching this lady named Monica from Ecuador and she really was not progressing at all, but she would always come to English class. Then the other week she came up and said the other day she was having a really bad day so she picked up the Book of Mormon and found comfort she then asked us to come over and teach her more. Let me remind you we had tried with this Lady thousands of times before. It was not us that got her interested, but the Book of Mormon. We taught her this week and we planned to ask her to be baptized. I was going to ask her. I was so scared. Not because of what she was going to say, but whatIi was going to say! I just wanted her to understand me. Anyways when the time came I opened my mouth and said "Maria, will you follow the example of Jesucristo and be baptized with the authority of God?" (in Spanish of course) I had did it! I said it all right and didn't forget anything! .......well I almost did it. Hermana Toone looked at me and said "You mean Moncia?" Yeah we told the district about that they had a good long laugh. But she said yes. So what this goes to show is God's hand is helping every step of the way. 

Our other lady with a baptism date we met at church. We thought she was a member but she came up and told us she wasn't a member, but she wanted to be, and she asked if maybe we could help her out with that. When people ask that I know I have failed with them understanding our purpose. But we met with her and turns out she has been coming to church for a long time and she already knows a ton about the gospel.

This week we found out our investigator passed away (Jame). It was really sudden and unexpected. When we called to confirm our lesson his wife (that is a member, but not active), she answered and told us. It was so sad. We went over the other day to visit them. They are all inactive and we went over the Plan of Salvation and watched a Mormon message. The best part is when we sang. The Hymns brought such a strong spirit. It really was a different lesson, but the spirit was so strong and really I felt so glad they let us come by. They need to come back to church, its the only thing thats really going to comfort them. I know it. I just pray that they will realize that. 

I am learning so much on the mission I really am. Everyday I just feel grateful that I get to be here. Something I have really learned too is to count your blessings. When you do that you realize you have no reason to complain or be discouraged. Because God is blessing us everyday and just need to realize it. 

Also, I challenge everyone who reads this to sit with someone new in church this next sunday. It has to be someone you don't know. If you know everyone then you are lying and go sit with someone new. :)

I love you! Thank you for you letters and prayers. My family is the best!
Love, Hermana Kelemen 

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