Saturday, July 11, 2015

Small World 7/6/2015

Dear family, and others,

I'm now in Trorajon. New area. So really right now I just am...Okay, let's be honest I'm really
sad. After six long months in B8 I have left. I feel like B8 is my home. I didn't realize how much I love the weirdos. We had a Noche De Hogar at a members house last night And after Edison (the one that gave that prayer about how women are the hardest to get) started
crying. And oh Daniel. I asked him how he was yesterday and he told me "my heart is very troubled. If it was my wish I would have you stay in B8 for the rest of your mission. I have to keep reminding myself that God knows best. 😕 A lot of people kept saying too, "Oh Hermana Kelemen, our crazy girl, what are we going to do without her." Like I can't even tell you how many people said that. I guess I was a weirdo to them. But they kept telling me a good way. Don't know what to think. It blew my mind that people even cared I was leaving. The cave man talk touched their hearts I guess. Don't really know how...

In my last week we found an amazing guy. He saw us talking to another guy and after he called us over, in English. At first we were weirded out, he asked us, "hey did that guy listen to your message?" (Creepily watching us from across the street.) When we said no, he said,
"Spain people have hard hearts and are close minded, so don't get down." He is a Spaniard, let me add this. Anyways I then asked him how he knows English, and he then asked where I was from. I said Utah. And he said, "oh I lived in Utah for a year. I lived in Provo." 😮😮😮😮😮 My jaw dropped. I was so happy and we began talking about good old Provo Utah. He wants to meet again and hear more, he said he has questions. Man. So bummed I can't teach him. Provo, I like people who have lived there. Small world. Well actually the world is getting smaller. My new companion is Hermana Baxter. Loran Baxter. Ring a bell...Dad?? She had you as a teacher. She is 6'1" and she said that you always told her she reminded you of Julia. She thinks she has talked to Julia before. Because she ran track and went to Timpview. Anyways weird. This is going to be a new adventure. Two big white giants in the streets of Spain. If I were the people of Spain, I would give my number out of fear of two big monsters talking to me. Ha ha ha.

Well I don't know. I now only live with my companion. I liked living with other Hermanas. But we will see how it goes. Here, things are a lot slower and smaller. I've heard there are a lot more Africans. More Daniels, Kassis, and Josephs. Boy oh boy.

We'll pray for my companion, she's gunna need it. Enjoy Tahoe for me. I often think about jumping in the ice cold water as I wake up in the middle of the night with my hair soaked because I'm sweating so much. In the night I have to go soak my t-shirt in ice water and wear it wet or I can't fall asleep. So enjoy it.

Love, Hermana Kelemen 😀

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