Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Baby White Face Giant 10/12/2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Today I had to do something I hate doing...sing in public.  Hermana Graff and I had to sing a song for a baptism...just the two of us.😐 We failed. If you don't believe me, ask Aaron. When he and I tried to sing, 🎶''Home, yes I am home, home is where ever I'm with you.'🎶 (hand to the face). I don't mind speaking in public or dancing in public...not one bit. But me singing = 😵.  It's because it really is just an ear bleeding experience. But that's all over, so menos mal.

This week Daniel and Dennis were supposed to be baptized but Daniel broke/fractured (I don't really know what) his foot during his soccer game and now has a cast. So, we have to wait. They are so awesome though and we are just waiting for them to get baptized now when his foot heals.

This week, also our whole building's water went out for 24 hours. That was hard. Mainly because we couldn't go to the bathroom at our piso. So after studies (which was longer than ever) we booked it to the church. That was kind of an adventure. 😁

The other day we were in a comida, and the family told me I had a baby face. Then when we were visiting a menos activo, she told me I had the perfect skin to be in the 50's because I am so white. ? That doesn't really make any sense...but whatever. I am the baby white face giant.

This week we had two really cool 'hand of God moments.' The first, we contacted a really cool guy that's from Honduras. He told us when we met him, he had been to the LDS church in Honduras two times. So we met with him, and he is so awesome. After the lesson, we
invited him to read the Book of Mormon, and he said "I am really hungry to know God better, so of course. I want to read. I want to come tomorrow to Church." These are the moments when you want to jump up and high five him, and yell. . .where have you been all my mission? But I'm sane. So I kept my cool. But he came to church, and he loved it.

The other is with an old investigator we had, and couldn't meet for like a month because he had sugary. Before we had taught him 3 times and invited him to be baptized and he said 'never'. But he is cool and has a ton of faith so we kept trying. And finally (por fin) we had a lesson with him and it was a quick 20 min. lesson because we had to go teach English class. But then that night he texted us and said, "Please I want to be baptized in your Church. I know I said 'no' before, but today's lesson really touched me." ?! ?!? I was shocked. For our lesson----we just invited him to Church and explained what went on and bore our testimonies. So in other words, thank you spirit.

I love it. Missions aren't sacrifices. I found a quote I love:
Despite all the challenges that President Brigham Young faced, for him, “there [was] no such thing” as sacrifice,  because everything belongs to God already and what we give up only blesses us and prepares us for exaltation. He viewed what we would call sacrifices as opportunities to exchange “a worse condition for a better one”. 
-President Young

Love, Hermana Kelemen

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