Monday, February 2, 2015

Two Lessons 2/2/2015

Dear Fam Bam, 
Congratulations JESS! I wanted to scream and shout. 

I have learned it's impossible to be frustrated on the mission. I've tried. I know it sounds bad, but sometimes I just want to be frustrated, but like I said it's impossible. That Heavenly Father of ours loves to spoil his Kate. My trainers are amazing. Anyone who can put up with me is something else. They constantly serve me and are so patient.They really are AMAZING. I can't stress it enough. 

I want to tell you about two of our investigators we taught this week. I learned so much from both. The first is named David. We found him when we were contacting. We just walked up introduced ourselves, and then this is what he said. "I had a dream last night I was being baptized in your church." It gets better. I understood it. Not because I am understanding Spanish, but he speaks English. Like I said before God loves to spoil me. He is from Ghana and is beyond golden. He is so prepared. We taught him the first lesson, in English :) and he came to church with us. He is eating up the gospel as fast as Aaron eats all the breakfast in the morning. It really was the Hand of God. All my life I feel like God has given me so much. Thats one reason I wanted to serve. I want to give, but in all honestly Heavenly Father is giving me so, so much more. 

Other investigator, Renata. She reminds me of Edlira Koopman. I don´t know why they just look like each other. Anyways she speaks spanish.. and only spanish. But we went to teach her Saturday night. Before we went in my companions were really worried. We said a prayer for power and lots of help. They explained to me that they had taught her once before and it was awful. Of course I asked why. (Grandpa Smedley... I am asking "why", he can be proud.) They said she loves to talk about her problems and won't give them a chance to speak. But she loves when the visit. 

OH BOY. This lady was a hoot. My companions down talked her. Really she talked for two hours about her loud neighbors. Really thats all. For two hours she ranted about her neighbors. Anytime any of us opened our mouths she cut us off. It was really funny. Finally, Hermana Toone got a chance and tried to explain she needed to look at her blessings. She didn't like that. She then told us her lightbulb went out the other day. First world problems to the extreme. The whole time I thought is she for real? Then she started crying and gave us all a hug and told us how much she appreciated us. All of a sudden I thought of the atonement. Christ suffered for her. As lame as it is, Christ really feels for her. He suffered knowing what it feels like to have your lightbulb go out. I will never understand how that is a trial... ever. But Christ he does. I felt prompted to share a scripture, so I did. I told her I that I didn't fully understand but Christ does, and we are his representatives and I told her we have that power to help. She really liked that. And then continued on with her loud neighbors. Unreal. My companions couldn't sit there any longer, and repeated, LISTEN, we are trying to help, but you have to give us a chance to talk!" they tried to say that 10 times as she just talked over them. My companions were so mad. Then... i'm so bad...I started to laugh. Everyone looked at me weird, but it was so funny. I prayed for help to stop laughing, at at last I did. Finally we got a change to get out of there. She thanked us a lot and gave us chocolate. As soon as we left, my companions screamed. I laughed the whole way home. I feel bad for the Lady. We can´t teach her anymore... well mainly because she won´t listen. But it really was funny. My companions couldn't believe I could "laugh" about that awful lesson. But really it was so funny. Im grateful for it. I really saw the atonement in a new light. She might have not learned anything but I sure did. I also got a kick out of her... maybe thats bad to say. I love her I do... she is just so dramatic its mistral. 

Well I'm doing rad. I really am. I love this. It's adventure everyday! I love you family. Again I can't thank you enough for your prayers. I feel them. I am so blessed to have such a massive family prayer for me. I feel like superman with your prayers. I love you!

Love, Hermana Kelemen 

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