Sunday, September 13, 2015

Around Europe in One P-Day 8/31/2015

Dear Family and Friends,

This week I had a very interesting comida with a family. Rice with fried little baby fish plied on top. The whole fish skin and all. For some reason, seeing the little eyeballs on the fish staring up at you, with its mouth hanging open, as if it's last words spoken were "help me," gives me the shivers. Let's just say, I said a prayer in my heart, and ate as fast as I could---ignoring all the little baby fish eyes starting at me. Often, as I would stab a fish, it's little black eye balls would pop out. Can I just say yum yum yum? Was not a fish lover before...but now...I think you get it. My companion and I, at the smell of fish, weep a bit now.

This week, we found a lot of 'news', which was good, because our 'olds' were not catching the vision we have for them.

To start off the week, we had a lesson with a guy named Kelvin, from Nigeria. At the end of the lesson, this is what he said, "Thank you so much. I know you are representatives of God here to tell us of the truth." After a week of everyone failing, and not wanting to listen, we just let our jaws drop, and let the angles come down from heaven, and listened to them sing hallelujah. He reminds me a lot of Daniel, the way he talks and acts. So I have high hopes.

We also found a really cool Spaniard in the street the other day. He's about 20, and has never believed in God. He has studied with other religions, but has never really felt anything. I wanted to say, 'Yeah you never felt anything boy because that ain't the truth!' He was super cool and wants to meet with us, and wants to read the Book of Mormon. We had a really good conversation with him, and for some reason we brought up Thomas S. Monson. He was really interested in that and shocked to hear we have 12 apostles. However, he kept forgetting Thomas S. Monson's name and kept calling him Isaac. ? So
randomly he would ask, so where does Isaac live? Or what does Isaac say about this or that. And each time I asked 'Isaac, who's Isaac?' I don't know how he kept getting Thomas and Isaac mixed up. Gosh dang my heavy American accent.

Really, the fact that anyone in the street stops and listens, is the hand of God. Because, why else would people stop and listen to two random American 19 year old girls trying to spit out some Spanish phrases, and then give them their name, number and address?

Over all this week was super duper good. 😀 here in the hood. Oh yes, and today for p-day we went to this park. Where it has all these mini famous things from all over Europe. So really look at the pics, we pretty much visited all of Europe in a p-day.

Be cool, relax (said my mother from her 20's)
Love, Hermana Kelemen

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