Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wayside School...Gets a Little Stranger 8/14/2015

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week as been a really busy one. We have been running all over the hood, to and from appointments that al fin, al cancel us. 😑 I was really pooped at the end of each day but when we looked back at what we did, we realized we really had done nothing...But, it really was an amazing week!

You know the series of books 'The Wayside School', they are very similar to my mission. (Characters included)

One of my first weeks here, we contacted a guy in the street and he gave us his address---avda constitution 35. It only had one door bell so we rang it and it turned out to be someone different. We then went looking in the carpeta (area book) and we found an old investigator who lives with a member. The address turned out to be the same! We called just to make sure it had not changed and she said 'yep it's avda constitution 35 bj b'. We went, but there is only one timbre (doorbell) and we couldn't figure it out. We rang it and it wasn't her house. We called again, and she said the same thing. She then said she would come out in the street and look for us. . . . But we never did find her or the house. I didn't know what to do. 

We had this same conversation on the phone like ten times. 
Me: "Hey, we are here." 
Her: "We don't see you, ring the bell, it's bajo b."
Me: "There is no bajo b It only has one bell."
Her: "No there's more. Where are you?."
Me: "av constitution 35."
Her: "Yep we live in avda constitution 35.
Me: "Yeah. . . That's where we are. . . ." 
And then just reapeat that dialog about ten times. And that sums it up.
It was so bizzaro. 
Anyways, remember in the 'Wayside School' the 13th floor that really wasn't there. . . .but was? Yeah, same kinda deal. 

We did find a really cool guy in the street! He is from Africa but acts like an American, and loves, loves, loves basketball. He talked in the street with us for 30 min. . . .about basketball. But al fin, he wants to meet with us 😀 go that guy. We really have been finding a lot of new cool people who I'm really excited about. 

The last couple of weeks we have been doing Family Home Evenings with Antonia and her two boys. I love Family Home Evening. I want people too, to love it as much as I do. Many people think doing it is a burden . . if so . . .they don't know really how it's supposed to be done. A couple of weeks ago, we taught her about them and then we told her we would come over Monday night and show her how it's done. We taught a lesson, played a game and had a treat. When my companion said that the game part and treat part were optional.... I didn't agree. Treat? Optional? No no no. Not in the Church I know to be true. 

We played a game my family is very familiar with----where one person hides an object and everyone else goes in the other room. Then everyone comes in after it is hidden, and when you find it, you sit down and wait until others find it. (Or I guess we could have played the game where everyone takes off their shoes and you have to pick and feel a foot to guess who it belongs to....yuck...remember when Aaron, or was it Dad, that came up with that fun one?)

Anyways, it was so fun! And now, the boys want to do Family Home Evening every night. 
Goal complete; mission accomplished. 
"Home evening, home evening, that's the night we like the best!" 

Well, my goal for you is to do your family night, every Monday night! And do it right with a treat!

Love, Hermana Kelemen 
Kate at Family Home Evening (FHE).

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