Sunday, September 13, 2015

One of These is Not Like the Other 8/17/2015

Dear Family and Friends,

So remembering my hinting to the president? Looks like he wasn't catching my drift. Let's just say I was very shocked with this new transfer change. Hermana Baxter is leaving. 😓right there alone is the worst thing I THOUGHT could happen...But little did I know.
Right now, I'm in a trio... Not in my area but with another companionship. Because I don't have my companion right now. She comes tomorrow... because she is still in the MTC right now. I'm training.

Everyone gets so pumped for training...I guess I'm not like the rest of the crowd. Yesterday when I heard the news, I first laughed thinking, "haha good one",  and then it turned out to be true and I stopped laughing very quickly. Today as I was talking to the other missionaries who are training this transfer, they were talking about how excited and pumped they were. So I left that crowed quickly, because they all gave me funny faces when I said, "I would rather not train".

Here's the thing, believe it or not, I still have a struggle understanding these people. And I don't really feel like I know how to train.

But hey! This is going to be another fun adventure. I'm going to need to laugh even harder and just do my best and be willing to forgive myself when I mess up. Everyone keeps saying, "oh you're will learn A LOT." Or "oh you're training, get ready to get humble!" Or "oh you're training, looks like your getting cocky with the language" or
"oh you're training... It's going to be rough." Or "oh you're training...learn to hit your knees!"
Thank you. I should put all there advice in a motivational book for new trainers.

This week was really good. Antonia and Daniel and Dennis are doing so good! They were really sad Hermana Baxter was leaving, they gave her little plastic animals they got free at a Catholic Church, as a going away gift. Watching Hermana Baxter receive these little friends made my week.

Really, everyone was sad to see Hermana Baxter leave... but I think the thing that was the hardest for all of them was watching us get separated. Everyone kept saying, "but you two work so well together,"but you two are such good pals." I guess it wasn't hard for the gente (people) to see we had a blast together.

This week we also had to finnish up our intercambios. I loved my last intercambios; the hermana was super funny and really taught me a lot! I guess, at last, I had a change of heart about it all.

Well although everyone this week seemed to tell me my Spanish was bad, I guess that didn't humble me enough. I often think of the scripture in ether that says, he gives us weaknesses to make us strong. Looks like he wants me to be superman or something because man it seems I've got quite the load of weaknesses.

But don't worry, I will enjoy it, because it's my choice. The mission is speeding by and I don't have enough time not to. So I'm just going to, "put my trust in the Lord, do my best, then leave the rest to him." -Joseph B. Worthlin.

I love Trorajon---my area. This is going to be quite the transfer...12 weeks!! Can't wait to
watch the district 😄

Love Hermana Kelemen

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