Monday, May 18, 2015

Kate & the Ipad 5/11/2015

Dear Family, 

Next time we skype I will be sure to communicate myself better. :) So sorry. But it was a SHOCK to see so many faces! Tom, Jess, Cas, Bert, Jo and MOM!!! Who knew I was going to skype my mom on my Mother's day call. But really I didn't know. 

I am sorry if in the skype I didn't say anything. There was so many of you and I had so much to tell you all...that I really just didn't tell you anything. So sorry about that. But really it was so good to see you all, and I'm sorry if one of you thought I didn't talk to you all that much.

I am just glad over skype Olivia held weird things over the camera, informed me she was sweating in her arm pits, and admitted she hates when we skype the family. (Some things never change.)

This week was another really good one. As I told my family over skype my mission is getting Ipads. Yeah when I tell you this you will not even blink an eye and just keep reading. BUT this is HUGE. The mission is about to change. We had a big meeting Thursday with all the missionaries in the Madrid mission. They have never before brought them all it was a big deal. Turns out the meeting really wasn't about Ipads...? We talked about being obedient, which was good. To be honest, I didn't want Ipads at first. Facebook, blogs...I don't want to have to deal with all this. They asked us all to raise our hands if we were not excited about getting the Ipads, and to be honest. So like a good missionary, I was honest, I put my hand up with two others out of the 200. He, the speaker, then said that we don't want them because before the mission we were addicted to our Ipads and phones at home and we don't want that temptation back. He got me. Me and my flip phone...I was always stuck on that guy playing the demo for tetres. 

But for the last 5 min (when they talked about Ipads) they talked about how big of a blessing it will be. We are a test mission. There are others that have been picked to test out the Ipads. We then watched the cheesiest video my eyeballs have ever seen. This part shockingly was about the Ipads. 

Starts out with two elders. One is walking ahead in the street and the other is behind and sees a couple together. Then they get to a restaurant and while the one companion is making a call, the other gets out his Ipad to look on Facebook (insert music...dun dun dun, like really there was intense music.) He then catches himself and tells his companion what he almost did and how much he misses his girlfriend and how he was about to look her up. 

Okay I am just going to stop there. There was more...but it's impossible to describe the cheesiness of it all.  

There was one point I bust out laughing. All the missionaries did. But I guess I laughed a little too long and loud. Because when everyone had stopped, you only could hear me. After my district said "You thought that video was funny didn't you. We could hear one loud, distinct laugh and we thought...that's Hermana Kelemen". 

Long story short, after we all got IPad.....................cases. Yes not the Ipad, but wow we all got rad blue cases. :/ 

I think I am feeling a little better about the Ipads. Still not sure how to use them or if we will have to keep a blog or Facebook or what, because the huge meeting for the Ipads wasn't about the Ipads. Even our President in our weekly letter today said, "as you noticed the meeting for the Ipads, was not about Ipads...." So when I know more about that I will let you know. Truth is not even our president really knows whats going on. He said "lets be obedient and figure this out together".

Everyone too thinks I look like Bella from Twilight----members and missionaries. I am not a fan of her. So I don't know what I think about that.  

This week I read a talk I really liked. Called "Hold on a Little Longer," by Dieter F. Uchtdorf. (Jan 2010) It was really cool. It was about the Kirkland temple and how many people saw many miracles there, but after many fell away, because of the hardships then then followed. You should all read it it is really short. I liked it because it talked about in life sometimes things get tough. But really we just need to hold on a little longer. It talked about how we are all given the strength to hold on a little longer to all trials we are given, but yet some still let go. I don't know when I talk about it it sounds lame. But really read it, because like I said it's short, but really powerful. And if their is something you feel like "man, I've tired and tired and I'm done" about anything, maybe just hold on a little longer. :) 
So find it and read it. :)

I love you all. Sorry my letters are always random and weird.
Love, Hermana Kelemen 

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