Monday, May 18, 2015

Robbed 5/18/2015

Dear Family and Friends, 

I really don't know what to start with a lot has happened. 

Wednesday I was having a bit of a hard day. The whole day everyone was failing us. Every Wednesday night we teach english class. The whole way there I was in a bad mood. I didn't feel like teaching English, I just wanted to be mad. Oh how my attitude changed quickly. The Elders found a little friend on the street who wanted to come help teach English class. I am now going to describe what happened during this English class...but it will be difficult because it's something you just had to experience. 

This friends name is Malu, and as we walked into class he was up teaching. His English is really good...then he broke out into song. We have a couple strange people who come to English class who then tried to copy his English and sing along with him. So things were getting weird. Then to make it a really party, Joseph, a member from Nigeria, came. (I don't know if I have told you about him), he is a hoot. 

He then came and saw this random guy singing and teaching English class, so he asked if he could sing a song he wrote. He then sang "this little light of mine" but had the lyrics changed to "this little mustard seed..." The song talks about how it is going to grow into faith. I love the songs Joseph "writes". He just takes songs and changes the lyrics to scripture. Anyways he then started singing this song and then Malu started clapping his hands and then everyone was clapping their hands and singing along to "this little mustard seed"! Then this 65 year old Spaniard that comes (who is a bit crazy) jumped up and started dancing. And then Malu started dancing. Then there was us, and the rest of the students laughing, trying to figure out what was going on. Oh my goodness it was so weird, yet so funny. The people you find...

After everyone kept telling us that was the best English class they had ever had. Joseph then beaming said, "I had so much fun, a little too much fun, ha I love preforming the songs I write". So english class turned into a concert. And even if I wanted to stay mad, it's hard... when three random guys in English class are dancing and singing about having a little mustard seed of faith. 

We taught Kassi again this week. He is hard because, well there are many of things that make it hard. But he reads and now is praying everyday, but he won't come to church. He keeps telling us he needs more time to prepare. Plus, he doesn't think he can give up drinking quite yet. Well we brought Daniel to this lesson. :) And after we taught the lesson, invited him again to church. He said, "My hope is to join your people someday, I want it, but I need time to prepare". Daniel didn't like that. He said "May I end with a thought. Blacky, these two missionaries are not just ladies, they are representatives of God. God is asking you to come to church. He is trying to save your soul. He is knocking at your door, he is knocking at your heart, trying to help you. But you have to let him in. You have two choices you can listen to his voice...or the voice of the devil. Make your choice today Blacky, let us know. Thats all". Kassi (Blacky) then told us he would tell us this week sometime, when he would be planning on "joining our people". Yes, Daniel was very bold. But Kassi didn't mind afterward he asked Daniel if he could walk him home. They are little buds. 

I really like Daniel´s example. That's something I have been trying to work on. I want to be bold. After Christ died, Peter, the apostle, became a very bold teacher. Look up the definition of bold. I love what it says. I had the definition and would tell you...but someone stole my notebook...

Other thing. I got robbed. Today when I got on to write, I put my bag under my chair like I always do and then I reached to get something and it was gone. Really I set my bag down, logged on and in this time I got robbed. It happend so quickly. I don't really understand how it happened. Don't worry I only had my notebook, my home credit card, mission credit card, driver license, my new Spain ID, my bus pass, my pin drive, my camera and the phone. (Sorry Jess, I loved that bag you bought me, I really did, my goal for the mission was to have it last my whole mission...but change of plans.)  The thing that really bugged me was I had my minnie vaseline and all my chap sticks in the bag. You can't find that stuff here in Spain, Vaseline is golden. I just hope whoever took my bag uses that. But really, I'm pretty sure they were after my pens. Because either I lose my pens like there's no tomorrow or there is a pen thief lurking around Spain. At first, I thought I might just be me leaving my pens places, but after this...I know the pen thieves are out there. 

So we won't have a phone for a week…that's going to be weird. Oh, and just so you know, no we don't have the Ipads yet. Good thing too...if you know what I mean. :) 

But that's not the subject matter of today...(as Daniel would say.) 

Being bold. I love it. I love the example of Peter being bold. Many times people look down on Peter because he lost faith in moments, but in the end, he became one of the best disciples of Christ. And you know what? We really aren't too different from Peter, we all lose faith in moments. And just because we have failed sometimes doesn't mean we are bad. Because like Peter, it's not about what we are now, but about what we can become that matters. 

I love you! Keep me posted on your FHE's :) 
Love, Hermana Kelemen 

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