Monday, May 4, 2015

Laughing & Noche de Hogar Challenge 4/27/2015

Dear Family and Friends, 

This week.... My companion got sick on her birthday. YIKES. I felt so so so bad. And I learned I hate staying in the piso all day. Later on in the week I then got sick. Did we stay in the piso? No. No way was I going to do that again. As we were working though out the day, my body had that achy feel. I had the thought, "I am sick what am I doing?" Then I thought, "I truly am my mothers daughter." I thought about when mom would limp a mile all her way to Adventure Time with her bruised foot. The day turned out to be really good even if I didn't feel too hot. 

First story for the week. We contacted this lady on a bench. We went up and sat down next to her and begain talking. She was really nice and friendly. As we got talking we soon began talking about the Book of Mormon and as we did she said, "Yes, yes, I know." Then we asked if she had heard about the book and she said, "Yes, yes I know." My compaion then asked if she had read it, and she said yes. When we asked what part she said "I read the book." Then my compaion questioned, "The whole book?" And she said yes. At this point my compaion was frustrated. A lot of people like to tell us they have read before and they already know everything. But me being me, I began to laugh. But this time, like all the times before, I didn't laugh alone, they lady began laughing with me. Not just a chuckle, like hard core. I realized she was kinda crazy and with her laughing I couldn't stop. And she couldn't either. So we both laughing so hard we were both crying, and then there was my compaion trying to figure out what to do. We sat and laughed for 10 min... everyone that passed by was trying to figure out what we were laughing about and would stare at us and our chapas. 

Sometimes when you're serious all day you laugh randomly. Okay so maybe it's just me. But long story short, she was a bit…well, had lost some marbles. But hopefully people will want to talk to us now, that lady made us look like we were the funniest people in Spain. 

Second story: Everybody loves Daniel. That little guy that just got baptized in February. Man everyday with him in it is a great one. This week we found another guy from Ghana. We set up a following appointment and thought it would be fun to bring Daniel, to help us. Oh boy, that made Daniel's day. We were going to meet him in the park on a bench. As the three of us were approching I pointed to the guy on the the bench and said, "Oh good he is right there Daniel." At first Daniel couldn't see, but as we got closer Daniel said really calm "Oh yes I know him" Me and Hermana Irigoyen looked at him in shock. We went over and I they begain talking in their other language. I then asked how they knew each other and they both looked at me as if I was an uneducated human and said, "We're from the same country." My bad---I mean, I know all the people in America. Anyway this goes to show somehow all the Africans in Spain know each other. I'm not kidding. When we brought Daniel to church for the first time he already knew all the Africans in the ward. I don't really get it. I feel like they just say they know each other because they are from the same country. 

Anyways this guys name is Kassi. At first it was really frustrating because Kassi was NOT listening and all he wanted to do was talk about was the distance between France and the USA?? I kept trying to talk, but it was impossible. Then little Daniel saved the day!! He said "Kassi, listen, this is how it works. These girls have a message from God. You listen first and then you ask your questions. What you are talking about right now is not the subject of the day. These girls found you just like they found me. You need to listen. I promise this is the truth. I was just baptized a couple months ago. I have found the truth and we are trying to help you. But you need to listen." 

My jaw fell off and I wanted to jump up and down! Little Daniel, oh my gosh what a boss!!! After that the lesson was so good, and Daniel bore such a good testimony. After we finished Kassi looked at us and he said, "I get it now. I get it. I first want to come to your church and if it feels right I will choose your church." So grateful for Daniel. It would have been impossible without him. He really is my hero. I wish everyone could meet him. He is so cute. After I told the other hermanas we live with about how Daniel saved the day. They couldn't believe that little sweet Daniel was so bold. It shocked us all. 

Oh yeah after Daniel looked at us and said, "You know, Kassi has a nickname, we don't call him Kassi." Me and Hermana Irigoyen looked at each other and asked, what is it? Daniel smiled real big and said, "Blacky, this guy goes by Blacky, so that's what you guys can call him." Really clever... wonder how he got it.

Nickname or no nickname I am going to stick with Kassi. I don't want someone who understands English to miss understand me when I say "Hey Blacky we're over here!" 

This month of May I have a challenge for the family. Every FHE night this month invite someone. It can be a family in the ward, a friend from school, a older couple...anyone. But make sure every time this month you have someone there. I am so grateful for the families in this ward that have FHE and allow us to bring our less actives and investigators. It's good for them to hear the good word, play a game and eat a treat. It really helps us out as missionaries so much. We are constantly telling families to invite their friends to their Noche de Hogars. So I thought I might as well tell my family.

Now I know there aren't a ton of investigators you know of. But I know there are a lot of families that are less active, and I know there are even more members that are active and don't have FHE, and even if they do have FHE, you can invite them to get to know them better. FHE's have blessed us as missionaries and have strengthened the ward. So that's my challenge---a new person each week. And I would love to also hear how it goes. 
I love you all!
Love Hermana Kelemen

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