Monday, May 4, 2015

Argentinian Companion 4/20/2015

Dear Family and Friends, 
 This week was another good one. It has only been one week with my new companion, but she already has figured out my secret...I'm a goob. Let me tell you about my companion. She is from Argentina and is quieter. She is quite but not afraid to talk to anyone! Which is great, because this giant isn't either!! Last night when we were laying in bed she told me I was the first companion she has not made cry...what the? She is just a little Argentinian, why would anyone cry? She then said "Hermana Kelemen you are one of the easiest people to get along with".  Why? I thought about it for a second and then my answer came quickly...I'm a werido. 

The thing is, I forget sound affects are universal. She has reminded me of this many times throughout the week. I think I have scared this little Argentinean girl a bit, so pray for her. :) She is SO cute. I love her so much. But really, over all we are getting along just great! She knows Spanish, and she says everything how it is. Everyone tells her she is like the Christ when he casts everyone out of the temple. (Reminds me of our mom). She gets to business. But it's good, because I balance her out with me just being myself...and we help each other. She is serious, and I as you know am not. But really, we work SO well together. This is going to be such a good transfer. 

We have found an amazing investigator who came to church last week. Her name is Mari, and she has been so prepared. When she introduced herself in church this is what she said, " Hi, I'm Mari, this is my first time here, but I'll be coming from now on".  Then then sat down. I wanted to jump up and high5 her and say "YEAH, that's right!" but I contained myself. Her daughter came as well, and turns out they walked 2 miles to get there because they are struggling with money. She is amazing! Hermana Toone and I found her right at the end of our last transfer together. It's kind of a funny story. Anytime anyone asks her, "how did you find the missionaries", or "come in contact?" She looks at me and says, "She told me she liked my pants". Wow, go me, Kate Kelemen move right there. Everyone thinks that's a great reply. And when people say that I just say "Well it's true, she had really cool pants on". This really goes to show that this is God's work. I really don't know anything. I still struggle with the language, but when I try and just say the random things I know...God does the rest. He is so mindful of me. It really just doesn't make sense. 

This is an example of how missionary work really works: Let's say the goal for all missionaries is to throw a rock across the sea. So, we all line up and try our best and give it our best throw----then all our rocks plop on the sand without even reaching the water. But the thing is, God doesn't care how far we can throw (or how much we can do) all he wants us to do is try, and then he picks up our rocks and he carries them himself across the sea. Everyday I fall short; everyday without fail. But God doesn't care. I love the quote from general conference, "A saint is a sinner that keeps on trying". All He wants of us is to try.

It makes me think of that quote, "Do you duty, do your best; leave unto the Lord the rest." 
I know this is true. I have seen it with out investigator Mari and with EVERYTHING. 

I really can't figure out why anyone likes me here...maybe it's through sound affects. So, goal for the week if you are struggling getting along with someone, you need more sound affects. JK LOL. But really the Lord has softened the hearts of the people of Spain. Some how they accept this giant, and love me like I am one of them. It's really like I have more family here. They are amazing. 

I love you all so much. Thank you for your prayers.
Love, Hermana Kelemen 

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