Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Repercussions of Being Robbed 5/25/2015

Dear Family and Friends, 

I've learned this week people are a lot more willing to give out their number when you tell them you have been robbed. This is how it would go after a contact:

US: "Hey, maybe could we write down your number and come share this message with you and your family sometime?"
THEM: "No, no, I will just call you, okay?"
US: "Well, actually we don't have a phone at the moment we got robbed the other day. . ."
THEM: "REALLY? here take my number, I am so sorry that happend. There are very bad people in this world, I am so sorry."

When we tell them that, all of a sudden they "have time" to talk. 

Also whoever bought our phone I feel a bit sorry for them. When the members here in B8 found out someone stole our phone...all of them called this man and yelled at him. He just bought it; he is not even the guy that stole it. But man, little did he know whose phone he bought. When you mess with the B8 missionaries, you mess with the B8 members. (And think about the people I have told you about...scary.)

Transfers were today. I am still here in good old B8 with Hermana Irigoyen. I am SO glad. I wanted to stay. I love B8.  27 missionaries are going home this transfer and they closed a lot of companionships. They closed two in our district. :( So now it is 4 Hermanas and 2 Elders. I know that means nothing to any of you, but man I am BUMMED. It's going to be lonely at district meetings. Two of my all time favorite missionaries, who have been with me my whole time out left... 

But new adventures right? It's just weird to think I am the old one in the district and ward now, because I still feel like I just got here. 

Funny thing, so 5 missionaries left in our district, and all the members came up to me in a sad voice and asked, "Where are you going?" and when I told them I was staying, they would jump back in shock and question, "How long have you been here?" I don't know what that's supposed to mean...

Ipads, we are getting them on the June 10... well actually I don't know if I will. But the rest of the mission will. You have to have your residency card in order to pick it up on the 10th and my residency was stolen...so we will see. 

Highlight of the week, Daniel had the opportunity to baptize a girl the Elders have been teaching with his help. I am so glad this girl asked Daniel to baptize her, because man it meant the world to him. He was so happy. The whole time at the baptism, I had flash backs to his baptism. He has changed so much. It felt like yesterday when it was him getting baptized and it kept blowing my mind that he was actually baptizing someone. It really was a cool moment.

There are a lot of cool little moments like that in life when you take a second and slow down to see them. 

Things have been really good. We are teaching a little girl named Winny and she is AMAZING. I love teaching children and youth, they seem to just get it. Winny has such an amazing testimony and everything just clicks for her. We don´t even have to explain things to her, because she explains it to us. She is only 12 and we have almost taught her all the lessons, but we haven't had the chance to meet her mom yet, so we don´t know how soon she will be able to be baptized. I think she is really scared to bring her mom to church... because her mom might say no to letting her get baptized. But the thing is we keep telling Winny she is the one that needs to share her testimony with her mom, not us. Because her mom is more likely to listen to her. But we will see. :) 

Also I now have this styling new bag. It's a piso find...and man is it something else. I would take a picture and send it to you...but you know why I can't :) 

Sorry this whole week jokes have been made about how I got robbed. My companion doesn't like it. She keeps telling me, "It's not funny that you got robbed." But the thing is..it kinda is funny. 

I love you all so much! I am so grateful for you love and support!
Love, Hermana Kelemen

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