Thursday, January 28, 2016

Cheese 12/28/2015

Dear fam and fri,

P-day once again—Hoot. Christmas was bomb, and it was so fun to see my cute little family. I'm sorry if you felt like I didn't talk to all of you. I tried, but there are a lot of you. 

Last Sunday, we had a comida with a menos activo. As I told you before, my comp loves to cook. So the first time I met this menos activo I told her about the talent of my comp, and joyfully volunteered her to cook for the two of us. 😀 So last Sunday was the third time we have gone over and cooked with her. Guess some talents can back fire. 

When we were there, she brought out this really good cheese. (Fact: I love cheese. I'm a Kelemen, we eat cheese to snack on) anyways my comp too knows I love cheese and told this lady I was a "rat and would eat all her cheese". She was fine with that, in fact she kept making me eat more. So I practically had to eat her whole block of cheese—so we could leave. That was my comps way of getting me back at me for making her cook all the time. 

We are teaching a man named Fran. About a year ago, he was meeting with the Elders and stopped, because he could never receive an answer for himself if the Book of Mormon was true or not. But we are meeting with him again and he said he will give it another shot and try to receive an answer. He is super cool. And he is doing his part, coming to church, reading he scriptures, living the word of wisdom, and praying to receive his answer. We too are going to fast for him. I really want him to receive an answer—I know he will but he has to be patient. Pray for him.

This week I have been thinking about rereading the conference talks again. And I was trying to figure out which ones to study, which ones I really felt like were meant for me . . . and then I came across this quote, 

"Revelations from the prophets of God are not like offerings at the cafeteria, some to be selected and others disregarded”.

I now want to pull something out of every talk and apply it. I normally just pick my favorite conference talks to really study and really apply. But, I'm gunna change that, because this isn't a cafeteria, and all the talks were 'meant' for me.

I love you all thanks for your prayers. 
I'm happy and blessed.
Love, Hermana Kelemen 

For p-day today we went on a hike with the other missionaries and got a little lost. They were freaking out and I was totally calm wondering why everyone was scared. That's what I get for being a Kelemen—getting lost on a hike isn't new.

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