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Heavenly Father Doesn't Pop His Knuckles 11/9/2015

Dear Family and Friends, 

Many missionaries say "birthdays in the mission are the worst." 
I don't know whether or not that statement is true, and never will I know. So you are just going to have to trust their judgment. 

But birthday weeks in the mission, oh let me tell you, they have to be one of the best things, not just in the mission, but in any time of your life. 

Monday We went to Segovia you know. I couldn't write a ton, because we were writing on the bus and I was super car sick. But that was really fun and Hermana Graff and I had a good time on her birthday. 

Tuesday was our district leader's birthday, and for a comida a family in the ward threw him a surprise party. They made this magic BBQ sauce and put it on chicken that is pretty much life changing. Like I wrote down the recipe to make it when we get home, so I can change your lives too. They then had a cake, sang to all three of us, and shoved me and Hermana Graffs face in the cake. I told them I didn't appreciate that----- and put cake in their faces to make it even. 

Wednesday we got to go to the temple. I think I learned the most that time then I ever have.
Thursday we did a noche de hogar with Antonia and Daniel. They are so nice. They gave me a big pink hair clip bow and a jar of olives. (So random, but honestly, it was one of the best gifts I have ever gotten, because I knew they were so excited to give it to me).

Friday was amazing. We had English class----which always is the best.

Saturday was transfer day. Everyone told me I was going to leave. Everyone. People even started to say good bye. But guess who got super blessed---this chica!!! This next transfer is only four weeks. I am so shocked, but super duper happy!!! On Sunday I was talking to Veo (a friend in the ward, who is really is like the coolest member ever) and she said she prayed and prayed I would stay longer; she said God answered her prayer. :) he answered mine too. I love the hood. 

Birthday week was so good. In Relief Society they sang to us, and on my birthday the ward members called me, and wished me a happy birthday. Still am a little creeped out how everyone found out----but that's beside the point.  

I am so excited for the next four weeks; we have amazing investigators! We found a new guy named Marco Polo who came to Church this week, and then after the service we saw him talking to a member in the bishopric and...they are family!!??? What the, what the, what just happened here! The family was so happy we found him, and shocked we just street contacted him. It was really crazy, and he really is 'a droplet of heaven', as Hermana Graff and I say when we love people. 

Our other investigator, Leonard, is working on the word of wisdom. We call him every morning to do the 'pot calls' as we call them; to make sure he has not been smoking in the morning. He went a whole week without smoking, so we made him cookies. So he is progressing a ton.

This morning I read the conference talk 'what lack I yet'. It is so good. I love how it tells us the Holy Ghost will tell us how to improve, if we ask for it. So I did, and I did receive an answer that, to be honest, I wasn't expecting. 

I'm on the road to perfection, the way to become like my Heavenly Father, so I figure if the spirit tells me do something, or to stop doing something, it's to become like Him. 
Heavenly Father doesn't pop his knuckles. A life long habit of mine I've been trying to stop...but it's time. 

I also read a scripture I really liked this week, and I have been thinking about it a lot. 
Mormon 9:14 I want you to read it and tell me what you get out of it. 

I love you. Thanks for the birthday wishes.
Love, Hermana Kelemen 

P.S In a lesson with an investigator, a member told me I had gotten fatter. He said he sees in in my cheeks. 😐 same guy that told me I had gas, when really I was just hungry.

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