Thursday, January 28, 2016

"If you look like Michel Jackson everyone will run away and be scared" 11/16/2015

Dear Family and Friends,

Remember how a couple of months ago I was sweating small children as I slept and I would wake up in the middle of the night sweating bullets? Those days have come to an end. I now study in the morning with my big winter coat, and sleep in sweats, and a hoodie. Our piso doesn't have heating. (But don't worry, both the Elders pisos have heating.) It's been chilly. All my tights have huge holes, and all my toes pop out of the holes. It kind of looks like I dropped them in a running blender. But being a missionary, I haven't thrown any of them away. But I'll be fine for a while, I don't wake up in the night from the cold if I keep my head under the blankets all night. 
With Thanksgiving around the corner,  don't worry about me. I have a Thanksgiving meal about three times a day. And that's not a joke. Not even kind of. At the end of the week we fasted, and wow, it felt so good. I think I will fast for Thanksgiving to do something different.
Like, I think I gained 7 pounds this week. Every lesson we have had this week they have popped out this surprise feast, and you can't say no when they bought half the store for you. But it's helped me learn the power of prayer is real. I often ask for help each hour as a new
feast comes out, to have the power to eat---and I've done it. They keep saying I'm tall and I eat a lot. I only eat a lot because they keep it coming.

I told someone I was gaining weight and getting tubby. And they told me if I get any skinnier I'll look like Michel Jackson and everyone will run away from me and be scared. I don't know.

This week has been good Leonard, Kenneth, Marco Polo, and Isabel, our four amazing investigators are progressing a ton.

I'm happy.

Love, Hermana Kelemen

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