Monday, January 26, 2015

First Week in the Mission Field 1/26/2015

Dear Family,

How was the first week in the mission field? Go watch or read Maze Runner. And that's about the best description I can give you. When Thomas wakes up doesnt know where he is and everyone is saying all these names and things he doesnt understand. You don´t know who anyone is or where you are. But like in the book everyone knows what your feeling because they all went through it too. The guy that wrote maze runner is LDS. I think in that book its really him just expressing his first week leaving the MTC. 

Although I don´t really know whats going on I love it. I not only have one amazing trannier but dos. God knows me well :) He knows I need all the help I can get. I am convinced the three Nephites are women. Because I think my tranniers are two of the three. Not kidding they are perfect. And now they have the BFG to take care of. Really I need you to write down in spanish how tall I am metric words and how tall Dad is, because that's the only thing people want to know about me. ´"WOW, how tall are you?" "How tall is your dad?" And I don´t know in meters or what ever its in. 

My first day we taught a lesson. Well my companions did and I smiled. It was like watching the District, they were that good. The lady, (Dolly) agreed to be baptized. She then said the closing prayer and balwed. The spirit was so strong. All of the lessons we have taught have been amazing. My trainers keep telling me, "not every lesson goes like this, you're just good luck." I guess this week has been one of their best weeks. Go and watch the movie Mulan. Mulan is really cool, and does all these amazing things, thats my companions. And then there is that cricket. That says nothing, but is in the movie the whole time. And they all claim the cricket is good luck. Yep thats me. 

But really its been so much fun. I love it. I really miss my MTC friends but I love sharing the gospel. Even if all I can do is bare my testimony I am glad. The people here in Spain are amazing. I love them. I can´t even speak to them and I love them.

Honestly I am happy. This whole week there were many times I wanted to get frustrated, but I keep tellling myself, "You always have a choice. So choose to be happy." Its easier said than done, but very possible. I know becasue I had to make the choose to be happy this week. And guess what. I was happy. It´s magic. Okay so its just common sense. But really I love it.

Okay so let me rain on my parade for just a second. I miss the MTC food. All the missionaries in my apartment eat like birds. We would eat A cheerio for breakfast and then they would ask me if I was hungry. In my head I was like ´"really is that even a question. I´m 6 foot and you are giving me a cheerio." But luckily we went to the store the other day, so I'm eating just fine. :) Its just different not having all my meals made for me. Big baby kate is growing up. 

I really feel so blessed. Thank you for your prayers. I feel them everyday. 
I love you! 

Love, Hermana Kelemen

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