Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pray for their Ancestors 12/30/2014

yes i will get you a scripture for sure... next time. i have a couple
in mind, i just need to pick. thanks for letting me know how christmas
was. i really do love to just hear whats going on. im pretty sure my
goal was to leave the usa, which i did that twice, so i rock. mom
remember to read the lincoln hypothise. we had a devotional about the
aposity and about the good people who were not lds, but were directed
by God to bring the gosple back on earth. the whole time i thoguht
about that book. and the whole time i thought, ¨"go lincoln". i wish i
brought my tshirt of him. oh well

oh yes another story about this week. There is a rummor i can beat box
and break dance. every hermana and elder keep asking me do dance for
them... strange.... maybe its because i sometimes i sing and jerk my
head... or rock during the hymns... i don´t know. oh yes i got the
christmas card, so so so cute.

tell me what i left in that bag and then i will tell you if i need
anything. Christmas in the MTC was so amazing. I loved it. Here is my
message for the family. I know you pray for the investigator. But in
the Christmas devotinal Sister Nelson said, "pray for the ansestors
(that are ready for the gosple, waiting in the spirit world)
postarity." Does that make sense? She said if you pray for those
people, you will have the help from their ansestors. that was cool.
anyways, so when you pray for missionaries pray for that.       This
week in the park was amazing. The first lady we talked to spoke
english... she was sitting alone and looked sad. As we got talking to
her she told us her Christmas was awfaul (please edit this) She never
said why, but we explained who we were and what we did. we asked if we
could share a message. We talked for a long time about the Book of
Mormon and the first vision. it was amazing. When I bore my testimony
i really felt like i needed to tell her God loved her so I did. I told
her I knew God loved and cared for her and was mindful of her, she
then stared to cry. She kept saying she would come see the temple. she
woulnt give us her contact info of take a Book of Mormon, but I have
high hopes. It really was a neat experience, the spirit was so strong.
I know she felt something, and she knows it. That was Gods Hand in my
week. I finnally could express myself in english... it was so nice to
just beable to say what you feel. I am so grateful for that. I know
God loves these people. Tell the family i say hello, tell them i love
them all. 

love, hermana kelemen

MTC district at the Spain, Madrid Temple


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