Thursday, January 8, 2015

Teaching in the park 1/8/2015

This week was yet another adventure in the MTC. Teaching in the park 
was a ton of fun this week. One lady was sitting all alone on a bench and 
when we came up she looked at us and then quickly tilted her head back 
and pretended she was asleep. It was so funny, i mean in my head i was 
like ´really lady we just made eye-contact don´t go pretending you are in a 
deep sleep.´ So I just went and started blabbering my spanish to her. She 
tried to ignore me, but I just kept attempting to speak spanish. Finnally she 
started to kinda talk to me, but in the end she wouldn't listen to any message 
or take anything. 

Then some other people we tried to talk to REALLY didn´t
want to talk to us. As we started small talk, one of them asked us
where we were from. As soon as we told them this guy smoking, laughed
and said ´Go HOME!´´ They were just laughing at us and making fun of
us. My compaion was really hurt and didnt want to talk to them. I
think im weird. Because I just laughed along and kept talking. Because
heres the thing, yeah they can make fun of us or what ever... but
really the jokes on them because we are trying to give them eternal
life. They may be laughing at us now, but one day they are going to be
wishing they were listening.  (mabye thats an evil way of thinking
about it).

But we did find people who where ready to listen. Four of
them spoke english, and we taught the first vision three times. Two of
them i really feel like were ready. this one girl we found told us she
was trying to find the right church, and she took everthing we gave
her. But my favorite guy we talk to out of the four was our last one.
we only had five min left and wanted to talk to one more person. he
was sitting on a bench and when we came up, we learned he spoke
english! he told us he was from australlia. We told him we were
missionaires for the church and then he quickly said, ´Girls what your
doing is great, but i don´t believe in God.´ He then went off about
all these examples in history where bad things happend to good people
and how if there was a God he would never let that happen. We tried to
testify, but he just wanted to talk. He remined me of Grandpa Kelemen.
:) But he told us of a book he was reading. I couldnt remember the
name, he said it was called something like ´to rise again? written by
a guy named Joshua. he said there was a picture of a toothpaste bottle
on the cover. he said its sold in america. ? Anyways he went off for
20 min about this book. Hes half way thorugh it and said ´this book is
amazing, who knows maybe at the end I will have diffrent ideas about
God.´ This guy is ready for the gosple, or is being prepared, i just
know it. Anyways he kept telling me to read it. I told him i loved to
read. this is what i said ´´I promise to read that book. I will go
home and find it and read it, if you promise to read this book.¨´ I
then gave him the Book of Mormon. We quickly explained what it was.
And this is what he said ¨´Okay i will read some of this. Maybe not
the whole thing, but a good chunck.¨´ I was cool with that. I know if
he starts it, he will finnish it. I told him he had to promise me,
because i promised him i would read his book. and this is what he said
"I promise, and although you will never know if i read it or not, i
will, becasue i keep my promises.´  In my head i was like SWEET,
sounds great. I think my compaion thought i was a bit crazy, but i was
serious. so mom look for that book. thats all the clues i have about
it, i have some reading to do when i get home. let me know if you can
find it. Anyways it was really cool. I love that old australlin.
Really if I could i would have stayed and talked to him for hours...
and he would have talked..(im telling you grandpa ks twin.) Anyways it
was really good. 

Things are great. The native speakers came yesterday
to the MTC and our district, switched zones so we are now with them.
They are LITTLE. I am now the big white BFG of the MTC. really they
are so small and don´t eat anything. I eat more than them all combinded. Im
a monster here. lol go America, im representing us well. anyways i
love you! 

thank you for your prayers. I feel them, i really do. I love
you so much!

love hermana kelemen

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