Friday, January 16, 2015

"Magic Underwear" 1/16/2015

Madrid Soccer Stadium with Elder Rex, Hma. Kelemen and Hma. Moser

This week was really fun. For P-day we went to the real Madrid stadium.
I'm not a huge soccer fan, but this made me want to be. It was pretty
cool. My time in the MTC is soon coming to an end. I want to cry. I
don´t want to leave my district, most of us are going to different
missions and to be honest i don´t know if I will see a lot of them
ever again, at least not in this life. They really have become family.
People say its hard to say goodbye to your family when you leave for
your mission. But honestly its nothing comparied to saying goodbye to
the people you meet. Because you know your going to see your family
and friends again. Its weird because this month flew by, but at the
same time... I felt like this is all my life has ever been. The park
of course was so much fun. My compaion was from Californa, and she is
one of the newer missionaries, who just come for two weeks. She
already knows spanish, so this time we actully made progress with
people that spoke spanish. I loved serving with her. She was like me.
Not afraid to talk to anyone. The first guy we talked to was on the
metro. The metro is the train. We only are on it for 4 min to get to
the park, but in the 4 min, this man took a book of mormon and said he
was coming to church. He was the one asking us where the
church was and what time it was at.... it was SUPER cool. He was
ready. My testimony really grew from that. We did nothing, it was all
him. There are people who are looking.

Okay random really funny story. At the park we ran into an American guy. 
He asked us ´hey you girls doing that 2 year thing for mormons?´ we were 
shocked and glad he knew who were where. But honestly thats ALL he knew. 
Except for one other thing... he asked us he had a big question for us about 
our church and wondered if we could help him. Excited we said YES, that is 
why were are here! He then said ´are you wearing that magic underwear... like
RIGHT now?´  Creep. it was really weird. But we said yes. He had SO many 
questions about it and about the temple. I told him to go to and told 
him the church put out a video about all his questions he was asking. He was 
so happy to hear this. He took a restoration pamphlet and we shared the first 
vision. He kept telling us he wasn't interested in our religion, but he wanted to 
know stuff about it. ??? Sometimes I wish these people could hear themselves. 
Anyways SO glad you shared me that video. Because i didn't know how to explain
that. It was funny. I love it. Next week i will be in the field. Here is my message
to you, pray for my trainer. She has no idea what is about to come her 
way....B.F.G. I love you mom. You are great. Tell the family i love them to. 
Thank Lena for sending me letters, I love hearing from her. 

Love, Hermana Kelemen

This is my sister. We are twins in heart, and we look the same!
Everyone gets us confused so we did this.

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