Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Shoplifting 12/23/2014

Thanks mom for emailing me... oh wait you didn´t. jk lol. Our pday is tuesday (today), because Thursday is Christmas. Also i need Julia's email and stuff, did I already ask for that? Next week my pday will be on Tuesday as well, heads up. So for the skype thing, if things don't work out or we can´t connect email, GAIN.GIORGINO (at sign) gmail.com

...anyways I'm still the joke at the MTC. I shop lifed the other day. I didn´t mean to, i just walked out with something i forgot to put down. And when we were halfway back i realized and then hand to run and sneak it back it. I had to sneak, becasue I can´t speak spanish and explain what I did. Anyways another typical Kate moment.  

We had a guest speaker onsunday. Guess who it was? David Archuleta. Yep. He came just to our little baby MTC and spoke and sang to us. He sang us that song in the 'Meet the Mormons' video, it sounded a thousand times better in reallife. (You have to tell uncle Jed that, he loves that song). Anyways it was really cool. I got frount row :) He told us about his mission and this music life. He was so humble and he really had this peaceful spirit. I never was a huge David Archuleta fan, but he really impressed me. His story is also really cool. And again one of the most humble people I have ever met. (Oh and I got to shake his hand
and talk to him) if you want I can tell you more about it when we skype... if you care.  

One thing thats so cool about this MTC, (I wanted to tell you last week, but I ran out of time) we go teaching every Saturday in this massaive park. Like we take Book of Mormons and pass along cards and pamphlets and teach. Yes none of us no Spanish, but we do it every 
Saturday. We can to it because there are so few of us. It's really neat. We did it the first week we were here, and oh boy were people scared. Here's the thing I've learned. I'm not scared to talk to people. My companion this week and last week were both really scared. I don´t know why but im just not. I think it's because I've done  so many embarrassing things in my life and this point it's like nothing.

Really we talked about the different struggles missionaires have, and I realized I'm so blessed. I'm not homesick, I love the food, I love the MTC, I love my companions, I love that we get to go out and teach. I mean the one thing of couse that holds me back is the language. But I'm just glad that nothing else is. Going to the park on Saturdays is really neat. I will have to tell you more about the experiences I have had there on Christmas. Also think of questions and fun things that are happening, so you can tell me. I want to hear about whats going on. So be thinking so we don't just sit and stare.

Anyways mom I love you. Tell the fam bam I love them too. Oh and when we skype I want dad to be wearing his Christmas present. Okay? Oh funny quote of the week. Hermana Lovell told us we got to wear pday clothes on Christmas. Anyways later my compaion was telling our district how pumped she was for Christmas, she said "who ever said Christmas in the MTC was going to be a bad thing, like for reals?" and Hermana Smith (the funniest person) said "yeah we get to wear pday clothes man!" Okay so it was funny at the time, you had to be there. Point of the story is, Christmas here at the MTC is going to be so much fun.

Love, Kate

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