Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The MTC in Spain 12/18/2014

Dropping Kate off at the airport to fly to Spain.

Kate had mom edit the letter she sent before sending it, but I decided to use the original unedited version; it is better because Kate's inability to spell is just part of her personality.

i am skyping you at 5pm spain time on christmas, so i
think that 9 for you. edit this before you send it out
to everyone :) 

this week has felt like 10 years. not kidding. i feel
like i know all the girl so well. mom this mission is super fun! 

my spanish is great. the other day me and my compaion hermana moser
taught the first vision. we gave our investigator a papflet and asked
him to read it. he said it couldnt. we thought that was strange, but
what ever we just read it. he kept saying something to us in spanish
and we didn´t understand so we just kept going. finnally in english he
said "hey girls this is in italian" yeah like i said i have great
spain.... its okay luckly me and my compaion had a great laugh. and so
did the whole mtc. 

all the goofy and imberrising things seem to happen
to me and hermana moser. but im kate kelemen, iv always been a goob,
so im not suprised. a sister yesterday came up and said "any funny
thing happen to you today?" at first i didn´t get what she was talking
about. then she said "your stories are always funny they make my day!"
im glad me and hermana moser are making everyones day... with our lack
of spanish skills. its good. people get really frustrated with the
language, i mean i do to. i feel bad. but iv learn to laugh about it.
which is good, because it helps the other sisters relize they can
about it too. anyways i love it. 

the mtc is super duper small, 24 girl
and 8 boys thats it. the mtc has fresh squesed juice everyday, so i
love it. i love the mtc so much. and all the sisters are rad. i love
you tell everyone i said hi. sorry i don´t have much time. :) oh and
president lovell has a message for jake, "get a girlfriend!"  

kate the mate

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