Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Andre The Giant 3/21/2016

My people, 

This week was a bit crazy. 
On Sunday night I got a call to get on a plane, early Tuesday morning and head back to Madrid.️ So for about two days my companion and I went to Madrid and after 10 months, after being robbed, at last I have my card!!! My residency card! Hoot! (It's about time). 

Also when we were in Madrid, we got permission to go to the temple. That was my very last time going to the temple as a missionary. But I lucked out, and I am so glad I got to go. We got to walk all around see the sealing rooms and baptismal font. I love the temple, and especially the temple in Madrid, I have so many good memories there, and I have grown so much through my time in that temple. Often when I am inside the temple, I think of other people. The people who never, in their lives, been in the temple and I want to cry, because the temple is the best. I am so grateful for it. 

We also had a two day exchange with the Hermana in the other island, right next to ours, because tomorrow we have a big conference with 'the boss' aka, our mission president. So that was wild. We did splits in our area with them. And it was super funny, because me and Hermana Workman (the girl I was doing splits with) stopped these two boys in the street. We were introduced ourselves and everything, and then asked if they had seen missionaries before, and they said yes...so we thought 'cool', and then asked 'how long ago was it, when you saw the missionaries?' and they said "like five min ago walking in the other street..." Ha ha ha ha, it was super funny. But we got their number in the end.

Also funny story, we were trying to work though the old investigators this week. We went and passed by this old investigator named Fifi. She wasn't home so we left a note on the door, like 'hi Fifi it's the missionaries, give us a call when you can.' We then went back a couple of days later, and this time a little boy answered the door and we asked for Fifi, and he said, "Fifi doesn't live here, but Judith does, let me go get her." ???? So then the little boy comes back and tells us we can come in? We were so confused. Then this lady comes out and gives us hugs and tells us to sit down, and tells us her name is Judith. I then told her we were looking for Fifi, and she said no one by that name lives here, so at that point I wanted to ask her, 'then why did you let us in lady?' We then asked if she had met with the missionaries before and then she told us she had never seen missionaries before!!! Like what the, what the, what just happened here??? I then, being so lost, I  pointed to my name tag and started, "We're missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter..." Then she cut me off laughing and said, "Hermanas I'm a member! I'm kidding" *hand to the face* I have never seen them before, and her husband and three kids are all menos activos. We got to know the whole family and they thought it was really funny that we thought her name was Fifi. They then pointed to the fridge, and there in the middle was the note I had written in big letters HOLA FIFI! I then quick jumped up and ripped that note off the fridge and shoved it in my backpack really speedy quick... And then they all laughed at that. 
So awkward, but it broke the ice and we are going to go visit them again this week. 
Still I am so lost why it said in our records, her name was Fifi—and that she was an investigator—so so lost. Anyway, it was a very Kate kind of a moment. 

I also found the giant in the movie, the Princess Bride, he lives here in Telde. Like no kidding, he is 7'2" and his hands and feet are MASSIVE. We are teaching him and his wife, they are both super cool and love the Church, they are just having a hard time recognizing their answer, to know if the Book of Mormon is true or not. They like it, but they don't know if it is really of God. It's a little tricky. Their names are Ignacio and Maria. But like really this man is from the Princess Bride, next time I'll do my best to sneak a photo with the that fun guy to show you. 

Also this week for pday we went on a hike as a zone. The whole time I thought of my mother, she would love this hike. It was really cool. I love hikes. It's called Roque Nublo, it's a big rock that's in the clouds and it's in the middle of the island, and sorry the photos don't give it justice.

Thank you for everything! I'm loving it. 

Love, The Country Barbie in Radiator Springs, 
(Hermana Kelemen)

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