Thursday, May 12, 2016

Love 3/28/16

My People,

So this week was pretty dope. We had zone conference with the boss and it was so good and uplifting. And then yesterday we took our recent convert to the women's conference and that too was amazing. I loved it. I don't know but for me the message I got out of it was the
importance of really serving people with love. To really learn to love and accept people, and the way to do that is though service. But serving them because you like to, and because you want to. I totally agree with that. The members of the church could serve a little more with love. I too being included. Love is the gospel. When Christ came to the Americas he talked about the importance of loving and forgiving. It's something I'm really trying to work on, because without charity we are nothing.

It was a really Easter for me as well. Me and my comp bought chocolate eggs and then hid them in the piso for each other to find. (Yes I'm 20, and no I'm not a child) we also made pancakes and homemade syrup for breakfast...correction my comp made pancakes and syrup and I ate them. But they were like little droplets of heaven. Yum.

This week we taught these two 15 year old boys that I contacted with another Hermana when we were on splits. SO when Hermana Stephenson saw
them for the first time she turned to me and said 'Hermana they're punks! They don't wanna listen!' Ha ha ha ha ha. But it actually turned out really good...and they said they would read and they seemed excited to meet again. It was a little sad, because at first when we were talking to them, (getting to know them better, and all) we learned they are two kids who both live with one parent and just really (I feel) like have never been cared for. They said they spend most their time in the streets. So when we explained that God was their father who cared about them and loved them, their faces changed. As if for the first time, they heard that there really was someone out in the world who really cared for their well being. I mean, I'm sure, and hope it's not true, but I don't know it was a strange experience, and got me thinking. I'm really grateful for the knowledge I have of my Father in Heaven.

Thank you so much for everything,
Love Hermana Kelemen

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