Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Kate + Soccer 4/18/2016

My People,

This Saturday the Elders set up soccer with ward members. It was a good activity that the ward members could invite their friends and we could invite our investigators. At first, Hermana Stephenson and I weren't planning on going, but the elders called us the night before and told us we would be playing other games and not just soccer. I mean, I don't mind playing soccer, it's just that I feel like I'm doing a dis-service when I play, and it's more of a service just not showing up at all. But the Elders insisted, and we felt like it would be good to go support their activity.

So of course, when we get there, it's the young men, other men in the ward, and the Elders. And then there was my comp and me. We went and played with them. At some point shirtless 15 year olds who were just skateboarding around joined. My comp is not a fan of sports, and for me, well, if I'm going to play—I'm going to play. So yes, red face, squirrel hair, long limbs Kate and a a bunch of men ran around Saturday morning. It must have been a sight. Me playing soccer is a funny thought, and a scary sight. I hit the ball with my head three times, I mean I'm no good with my feet but I sure can tower over people and get my head to the ball faster than they can their feet. And every now and then I would fling a leg limb and sometimes hit the ball. So, I mean it seemed to turn out fine...well until the next day. Yesterday, I could barley lift my legs, I was SO sore!!! I mean mom you know how I get after one morning of tennis...I get sore way too fast, but it's just I have not moved my body like that in a LONG time. You name the body part, and yes, it's sore.

We are still teaching Juan and I just LOVE the kid. I feel like a little mother. I just want the best for him! The other day we were teaching him about repentance, and he got real serious and told us the other week he found a baby bird with a broken wing. So he took it home
put it in a box, gave it food and water to try to save it, and then told us it had passed alway the other day. He then, with a serious face, told us he had killed it. And asked if he could receive forgiveness.️ I wanted to laugh and tell him, "dude you didn't kill; it it's fine!" But he was so serious and really choked up about it. We told him he could of course. But the thing is, and he really wants to change, and he told us that. I mean you see the kid and you would never believe it. He goes out and will hangout with his punk friends and then tell them he needs to leave for his meeting with the hermanas. He takes his Book of Mormon to school with him, and he even told his step dad he was meeting with us, and he said his step dad just laughed and said, "Really, your studying with the Mormons? Okay." I mean I wouldn't believe it myself if I wasn't teaching him.

Also, anther quick thing, for those of you who are still reading this... mom, Jo and my grandparents. We did an activity this week with the mutual kids. Where we presented
ourselves and talked about what we did to prepare to serve a mission and why. It was really good to try to help the other kids. But some of their questions were hard. Like they asked me what I did to get in shape for my mission? Yes, I played sports, but too, I was born with
mama Kel as a mother. So hiking and long walks are what we do daily. I mean, I don't ever feel like walking a ton on my mission has been hard, but then I again I walked to the bread store with mom when I was 12. Hiked on every holliday and vacation, and every Sunday night Julia or Claire and I would go "lerping" (as Aaron would say) around the neighborhood for two hours. So thanks mama Kel for teaching us to lerp, it's made me strong for the mission.

Ugh there is SO mucho more I could tell you. We starting teaching a couple named Pilar and Oscar, and they are super prepared! Oscar is the piano teacher of the stake presidents daughters so he has known about the church for quite some time now and at last has accepted citas! Hoots all around.

Okay I'm sorry I will end this to spare you...but it was a great week to be alive. I love you all soooo much!!!!!

Love, Hermana Kelemen

Hand of the Lord: member gave us a tub of vanilla ice cream this week....😀😀😀😀

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