Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Fretting 4/25/2016

My people, 

Hermana Stephenson left yesterday. 😩 
I'll be getting my new comp sometime tonight. And I will have to show her the ropes of Telde. I will have to introduce her to Zero, the giant off of the Princess Bride, and Lego man—that's Cosme.  Juan is doing really well, we are starting to teach him all the commandments and he has been keeping all the ones we teach which is great. Hoots. 

We also started teaching this really cool couple, Patricia and Nestor. Patricia is the twin of Aunt Katherine! Every time I talk to her, I think I'm talking to Aunt Katherine. She is super friendly and super nice. They really are looking for the truth, but need to find out for themselves. Pray for them to recognize the answer. They have so much potential. But rad news...Elder Bednar is coming the 16 of May to this little island!!! Yeeekkk!!! And the little group of missionaries (thats me!) get to have a little meeting with him, and then we will do a big meeting with a ton of people. But cool....no!?!?!?!?!  

I don't have a ton of time and I am starting to fret because I have to go get this new compy of mine. So I will write more next week. 

I love you so much! 
Love, Hermana Kelemen 

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