Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Mother's Day 5/2/2016

My people, 

This week was a great week to be alive. 

My new comp is Hermana 
reestone and is from 
andy Utah. And guess who trained her? Hermana 
oone! My trainer! Hoots. She is so cool. I don't know if it's because we had the same mom (trainer), but we teach super well together and think so alike in lessons. It's so much fun working with her. She also reminds me so much of Phines. She is super duper funny like Jo. I told her when she gets home she has to get to know my sister Josephine because their humor is the same (plus the
y are
 the same age). I love working with her, and honestly the whole time I've been thinking, "why haven't we been put together sooner?" I'm juiced for the transfer. 

It's funny because my comp keeps saying "did we change missions? 
his is NOTHING like Madrid." Its weird because we don't teach people from all around the world like in Madrid. In Madrid there are people from all over and even you teach Spaniards, but in the islands... You teach Canerians. The people here even say, "I'm not Spaniard, I'm Canerian." It's a whole new world in 
lde. Feels like a different mission.  
This week we had to do another intercambio which was a little tricky considering the fact my comp only had three full days in our area, but I think in the end it turned out okay...😬 

We are also teaching (I can't remember if I have told you) the stake presidents friends. He has a friend named Oscar who is the piano teacher of his three girls. We have been trying to get the families in the branch excited about missionary work and helping them know how to invite their friends. Anyway, a couple weeks ago we started teaching this guy named Oscar and his girl friend the lessons. They are golden. We taught them lesson one and two and yesterday we taught them lesson three. Every time we teach them we teach them in the house of this family and every time it's AMAZING. Yesterday when we were teaching the step about receiving the the gift of the Holy Ghost, Oscar said, "I want it. I want that spirit to be with me always, I keep feeling it when I am here, I feel it around this family when I teach them piano and I want it." I almost gave him a double knuckle bump
ut I thought that might be inappropriate, especially in front of the stake president. My comp told me after that when 
scar said that she wanted to yell out, "where are the cameras we need to put this on the district!" Glad we both feel the urge to celebrate good times when happy things happen. Ha ha ha. But really it was super cool.
I've been thinking about this guy Oscar, for seven years he has been teaching their girls and for seven years the spirit has been working in him. Before this family had tried inviting him many of times, and could have easily said, "we have tried and he doesn't want it." But they didn't and they asked another time, inviting him to a noche de hogar and now he and his soon to be wife said yes yesterday to being baptized. I love this example. I think it takes a lot of courage to invite someone who has already r
ejected you once. But I want to invite you all to think of someone you once tried to share the gospel with who said no, and I encourage you to do it again! And maybe you might need to go about it differently, think of a new game plan, like 
ephi did when we was trying to get the plates. And if you don't have anyone in mind, o
 someone you have tried to share the gospel with, that's okay because thanks to our older brother you can repent and start now, inviting someone. Do it and and as a representative of Jesus Christ I promise you will see blessings, you will see success. 

Sorry for the preaching, it's kinda what I do though. 
I love you all so much and I am so grateful for all of you. 
Love, Hermana Kelemen

P.S. yesterday in Spain was Mother's Day. So after relief society the primary came in and sang and gave flowers and chocolates to all the woman...and the two sister missionaries. They kept telling me I would be a mother in just a year and a half and that made me sick to my stomach. 😷😬😵😳😝 they don't know us Kelemen girls. 

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