Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Radiator Springs 3/14/16

My people, 

My new comp, Hermana Stevenson, has had twelve companions, in 18 months. I'm her 12th and last. You might be thinking, 'yikes, what did she do?' But as I got to know her better this week, I learned that her whole mission she has been put with the 'harder hermanas'; girls who really struggle, or are the trouble makers. 
So, I don't know what that says about me...

Anyways I love my new comp!!! She is so stinkin' funny and super chill. It's been a little tricky leading the area because the bus schedule is nuts and never really comes on time ever. But it's been good. She came from Las Palmas which is only 30 min away by bus, but the change is HUGE. Las Palmas, the area, is half the island. Telde—is a little town. It's like moving from New York City to Radiator Springs (from the movie Cars). I think that kinda shocked her. No one really quite understands when we say, 'Telde is different from the rest of the islands'. Ha ha ha ha. But it's cool cuz you get to know everyone...really fast. 

We had a lesson that also lasted two hours this week...😑😑😑😑😑 Madre mía. 

We have this new investigator named Cosme who is pretty cool and has a lot of interest in learning more. This week we taught him the plan of salvation with the help of a member...
(For those of you who never served missions let me just tell you, you teach people simply, and the BASICS.) The lesson started off good, the first 2 min and all, when we were explaining the premortal life, he asked "where is it? do you know?". And then the member who was helping us gave an explanation of Kolob.😳😳😳this was the face my comp made at me when she brought it up. We tried our best to keep the lesson going after that, but it got harder. Later on, when we were talking about how death is part of this life and everyone die—the member brought up the three Nephites, and told him they were still living—💆😩😩 again we tried our best to keep-a-going. And then somehow, the member shared her favorite conference talk quotes, and explained a lot of other things. Meanwhile, two hours had passed, so I thought at this point maybe to end it all, we could sing all verses to the hymn 'if you could hid to Kolob' to really ponder what we talked about, and to make our lesson another hour long. 

It was a big hand to the face kind of a lesson. 
But somehow, by the grace of God, he still wants to meet with us.  

I found This story I loved his week so I wanna share it, 

"I know a little girl who was afraid of the dark. Really afraid of the dark. Even when she was old enough to attend grade school, nighttime terrified her. Every night, she and her mother went through a ritual designed to make her feel secure in her room. But inevitably, during the night, the girl would sneak into her parents' room and climb in bed with them, at which point her mother would carry her back to her room. Over a period of time, her mother used every argument and tactic she could think of to wean her daughter from he fear of sleeping all night in her own room. Often she would say something to this effect, "honey, this is your room. You're safe here. Your father and I are just down the hall" And then she would usually add, "Heavenly Father is watching over you. You'll be just fine." 

One night when the cycle repeated itself for the umpteenth time, the mother took her daughter back to her own room, reassuring her once again, " honey, you're okay. Heavenly Father is watching over you." To which the little girl- instantly responded, " mom, don't you know? Sometimes you just need someone with skin on."

I love this story—cuz it's true. So I want to challenge you to reach out to one more person. And be the hands of the lord. Heavenly Father gave us a lot of things to help us in this life, like scriptures, prayer, prophets, conference, but one of the biggest things he gave us to help us get back to him, is each other! 

I love you all. Thank you for your support and your help, I am here on my mission thanks to the people God gave me in my life. Thanks for being, 'that someone with skin on' . 

Love, Hermana Kelemen 

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