Thursday, May 19, 2016

Binter--My Favorite Plane In All The World 5/9/2016

My people, 

This week was crazy. Monday at seven we caught a three hour flight to Madrid. ️We then had a meeting there, for all the leaders and then we flew back to gran Caneras, and got back Wednesday night. Then early Thursday morning we had a meeting. Then Friday morning we caught another flight️ to Tenerife (the little island next to ours) and that morning did another conference. Then we did exchanges with the Hermanas there and came home Saturday afternoon

But In-between the islands, you take this cute little plane, like super little and cute. To start up the plane it sound a lot like when you start up a lawn mower. And I felt like my ears were going to pop off. But I loved it. Because the flight is super short, like 20 min and they came out gave us free water and a little chocolate bar and a mint. I'm easy to win over. Then because the flight was so short we didn't go very high, so we where right above the clouds. So when you looked out the window it honestly just looked like you were looking out a car window looking at a field of snow. I think I freaked out my comp, because after she said, "put Hermana Kelemen on a Binter (that's the name of the company of the cutest planes) plane and she will turn into a four year old." 

Anyways if you want to travel the world I would suggest traveling here to just use this little plane company. 

A cool thing happened yesterday. 
Last week we went and stopped by a menos activo, he's been inactive for a long time and people have tried stopping by a million times. But we felt like we need to do it so we did, and said we could come back Sunday. Then Saturday night when we where walking in the street we heard someone yell out, "Hermanas!" Shocked...(that someone wanted to talk to us) we turned around and saw this lady running down the street. Turns out she's from Utah and she came back with her son that served seven years ago. We got to talk to them for a bit and he asked about Patricio the menos activo we set up a lesson with and told us he was the one who taught and baptized him. He then said we was going to go stop by and visit him. 
Then this week at church this ex missionary and Patricio came in together! The branch was so happy to seem them both there. Then we taught Patricio after church and he told us he was so happy to see his missionary again. He said, "all the missionaries that come by say they will come back and they never do, but he did he came back!" We got him recommitted to reading the Book of Mormon again. It was so so cool! So grateful for that ex missionary who came back after these seven years. It was he lords way of showing this kid, God hadn't forgotten him. 

So for all you ex missionaries, if you said you would go back, you better. It means a lot more than you would know. 

I love the mission. And each day it keeps getting better. 

Love, Hermana Kelemen 

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