Thursday, May 12, 2016

Madrid Again & General Conference 4/4/2016

My people,
This week was super good. Right now I'm on another plane heading back to Madrid. Yeah I know, it seems as if every other week I fly back. But tomorrow we have a big meeting with all the zone leaders and sister training leaders. And some how they think I make a good leader...the confusion seems to continue on. Guess they are into Tarzan grunts. 

Saturday morning we taught Juan, the 15 year old kid and when we were in the church he overheard us talking to someone about the General Conference, and asked what it was. We explained and told him that we were going to another city to watch it in 2 hours and told him he could come if he wanted. With no hesitation, he said, 'YES'. My companion then laughed and said, 'let us first explain what it is before you commit.' So we explained a little, and how it would be 2 hours of men talking. And he still said yes...? And he not only came and listened, but then came on Sunday too! That was a shocker. I mean you just have to know the kid, but it surprised me. 

Actually we had a little crew come with us to the conference.  First Juan...little guy who at times reminds me of Zero off the movie Holes. Second, the giant off the Princess Bride. Third, Marcos, a recent convert who is exactly like the elf man on Ella enchanted. (Like perfect match) Forth, another recent convert named lali who is as quite as a mouse. 
Fifth, Cosme a 40 year old guy we are teaching. Sixth, another 14 year old girl we are teaching. To keep a long story short, it was the weirdest bunch of people together. And we realized that the people we are teaching are all VERY different kinds of people—like super different. I think the only thing they have in common is they know us. Ha ha ha, but it was a party and a half. 

Anyways, Juan got to listen to Neil L. Anderson's talk. And the whole time I thought about him. It was perfect for him. 

I too really enjoyed conference. I didn't really enjoy Uchtdorfs talk too much because I was not a big fan of his translator—I mean whoever he was, get that guy fired. JK JK. But I need to reread his talk, because normally his are my favorite. 

I loved, loved, loved Jeffery R Hollands talk. I loved it. There was so many things I learned from conference. So, so much. I know what he said is true about the thing of trying. We are rewarded for trying...even when we don't make it all the way. I feel that way with my journey of Spanish. I try and try and try. Most of my comps make comments about how much I study my Spanish all the time. And my Spanish is not the best, that is known, but I can speak! And I know it wasn't my own efforts, because I just tried. I didn't make it all the way, but that's when the grace of God came in and he recused me and I can understand and I can speak. I didn't learn Spanish. I just tried and God made up the giant gap I couldn't fill-in for myself. 
Sometimes you feel like you are bringing five fishes and two loafs to feed the five hundred and you think, I just don't have enough to give, but God takes what you give him and then he does wonders. I did that. I brought my five words, queso, uno, dos, tres, fiesta, and two sentences, soy hermana kelemen, mucho gracias, and God has done wonders. 
I didn't have enough to give, but my Heavenly Father didn't care, because He loves His Kate. He really does. And I know he feels he same about all his children, all he asks of us is to bring to him what we can, and try. Do your duty, do your best, and the Lord will do the rest. 

Love Hermana Kelemen 

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