Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Countryside Barbie 3/7/2016

Dear my people,

I'm trying to be positive today, but it's been hard. Transfers—no me gusta. Hermana
​Campillo left and I'm super bummed. I knew she was leaving, she had a ton of time here, but yet still when it came, I was so sad. Super super sad. I wish I could relive the last past 13 weeks all over again. She honestly was the bomb, well du she was the bomb—she was me in Spaniard form. Ha ha ha. I don't know I'm still a little  about the whole thing. My new comp is named Hermana Stevenson. She is from Utah.

This last week with Hermana Campillo was amazing. We found this guy named Cosmin. At first we were really scared for the lesson, because at first he was trying to tell us all the things he knew about all the religions in the universe when we were talking in the street. But then when we met with him, he listened and asked really good questions. He even told us at the end, "I don't know why, but I feel like I know you guys, like I knew you before I met you." Oh yeah. Then this week we passed by Carmen's to teach her. She is great and we love teaching her, but sometimes it's hard because there always seems to be some kind of visitor or friend in her house. And this week we met one of her crazy friends, Nilly or something like that I don't really remember. And she is loca. The worst part was we got out of the lesson a little late and we had to run because we had a comida with a family in the branch on the other side of town! So her friend Nilly offered to give us a ride..so we took it. (What were we thinking? We weren't.) Her crazy friend, drove like a mad man as she smoked pot out the window and blasted Elvis music. It was such a weird experience. Sometimes in the mission your plans you make in the morning all go wrong and then all of a sudden, quickly you find yourself in the weirdest situations. *hand to the face*, but we made it on time to the lunch appointment.

It was a good lesson we had with Carmen and she told us she would come to church—but with her friend Nilly. We were so happy she was going to come but deep down we wanted her to ditch her crazy Bonkey friend, because we wanted her to have a good experience.
Then Sunday came and as were waiting and waiting in the doorway of the church—
​they didn't come. We then went and sat down and started the program. But during the opening song, lo and behold, Nilly and Carmen came in!! And they LOVED it! Even
Nilly. It was fast and testimony meeting and after we asked them to stay for the other two classes and Carmen said, "but I don't want to cry anymore!" She loved the testimonies of the members. It was really such a huge huge blessing. It was amazing.

Ugh so many good things happened this week. But it was also so so hard to have Hermana
Campillo leave, So hard. I don't know if you know this, but being a missionary is very fun. Often in my prayers I ask Heavenly Father, "how did I luck out?" I really feel so blessed to be a missionary. I love Telde. I love the members here. I love the people.

Thanks for all your support.

​Hermana ​Kelemen

P.S. Oh yes there is a member who calls me, 'the country side Barbie'. I'm a Barbie because I am tall, skinny, and from the USA. ?? But because I'm crazy and have brown hair, not blond,I'm a country side Barbie. She told me all the ​Hermanas from the USA are Barbies. ? But I'm the only 'country side' she has seen??? Anyways she was calling me that in front of the other members and they loved it! And Carmen our investigator heard it and she loved it.
So now they call me the Barbie country side....😐

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